Shiva and Nikki Galrani Starrer Idiot Trailer To Release Tomorrow

It’s been high time now since we all have been locked in four walls, and with this, our life has taken a boring turn. The people taking responsibility for our entertainment are the filmmakers who have massively utilized this phase in writing scripts and post-production activities.

With this article, you’ll get to know about the upcoming movie Idiot. To know more, keep scrolling the feed.

Idiot, What Is It About?

Idiot is a Tamil movie that is based on the horror-comedy genre. However, the makers have not revealed anything before the movie’s script or plot. If we talk about the expected plot, it isn’t easy to anticipate it before the official trailer is launched. So the best thing is to wait for the makers to launch the official trailer of the movie.

Shiva and Nikki Galrani Starrer Idiot

Idiot, The Cast

Rambla directs the horror-comedy titled Idiot. He ventured into films after his successful TV show Lollu Sabha which he also directed. Idiot is going to be Rambhala’s 4th movie project. Previously he has directed well-acclaimed projects, namely Dhillukku Dhuddu, Dhillukku Dhuddu 2, and Daavu.

Talking about the star cast of the movie, then be sure to expect RJ Shiva and Nikki Galrani, the leading actors of the film. The 38-year-old Shiva has been quite versatile, switching from a well-established Radio Jockey to a comedy actor for Tamil Films. Nikki Galrani has also proved her versatility as she has been into the modeling industry and is a fashion designer herself.

Idiot, The Trailer

There’s a piece of good news for the fans of Shiva and Nikki and also for those who love horror-comedy movies. The trailer of Idiot is going to release tomorrow, i.e., 25th April, at 11:05 AM IST. The trailer will be launched by the official YouTube channel of Screen Scene entertainment.


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