Shameless Season 12 Release Date: Will Not Return For S12

It seems to be a sad week for the massive fanbase of the Tv program ‘Shameless.’ After a long decade of the chaos of Chicago’s Gallagher family has to come to put an end with its final season ‘Father frank, full of grace. The Last episode made emotional to the viewers.

It has not so long that the show ended, but the only question that arises in the fanbase is there any hope for season 12, which is quite expected after the massive success of ‘shameless.’ You will know details through this article.


Shameless is a top-rated American show based on Paul Abbot’s drama named ‘shameless,’ combined with family drama with comedy. The first season premiered on 9th January 2011 on showtimes, and the Last episode of season 11 aired in April 2021.

This series portrays Frank Gallagher, a neglected single father with six children who suffers an unstable economic condition. While all children can take care of themselves, the Father spends his all days caring for misadventures. This show’s creators’ primary purpose was to set it apart from American working-class drama and wanted to make the significance of the drug addiction problems’ effectiveness in his(Frank) own family. Eventually, it became showtime’s highest-running original scripted series.

Shameless Season 12

Any chance of season 12?

As per the report, there are no updates on season 12. The official team has confirmed about no season 12. Till now, there are no talks about any spin-off yet.

Although John Welles, the creator, has said that he loved the show and had a perfect ending. It seems clear that it is time to say goodbye to our very own Gallagher family.


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