Sex Education Season 4: Aimee Confirms That She Is In Discussion

After the third installment, Sex Education Season 4 will surely be more intense and exciting. But, Netflix has not yet confirmed the series renewal for the fourth installment. However, the fans are pretty desperate to know about the show’s future.

So will Netflix come back with Season 4? Here is some hot news coming up from Aimee Lou Wood, one of the prominent faces of Sex Education.

Sex Education Season 4: Aimee Confirms That She Is In Discussion

Will Sex Education Return With Season 4?

In a recent Q&A session of the BAFA TV Awards, the Sex Education star Aimee Low Wood revealed that she is already very eager to indulge in the Sex Education Season 4 script. She also highlighted that she would love to collaborate on script work for the upcoming season.

Aimee revealed that she is actively involved in tailoring the storyline for season 4, suggesting the writer and passing her valuable feedback. She highlighted the hard work of writers and the director to squeeze out the best for the audience. She recalled how Ben Taylor, the show creator works to make things more perfect and ensure the audience enjoys an edge of experience while watching the show.

Sex Education Season 4: Aimee Confirms That She Is In Discussion

It was an incredibly amazing Q&A session, with Aimee revealing her experience and the behind-the-scenes with the Sex Education cast and crew members. Meanwhile, she was also teasing that we would love to collaborate with the writer to ensure that Season 4 brings fun to the fans. She also hinted that Season 4 might leave the audience with a cliffhanger.

After Season 3, it would be pretty challenging for the writers to bring out more of the plot. But, she believes that the Sex Education team will definitely develop juicier and thrill-packed storylines for the fans in the upcoming season.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on Sex Education Season 4.


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