Sex Education Season 3: The third season has finished filming, release date soon

Sex Education Season 3 Release Date: Sex Education is one of the brilliant series on Netflix, which has revolutionized sex as a form of education among teens. Fans of Sex Education can finally rejoice as the series is a step closer to premiere on the streaming giant’s ecosystem. The third season will explore the teen sexologist and high-school student Otis, Eric as his best friend, and Meave, a moody but lovable sidekick and Otis’s lover.

According to the reports, the third season of the series has just completed filming. Now, it might mean it is up to the editors to work their magic making the series. The filming, release date, and now the production of the series did delay because of COVID-19. However, the team of Sex Education did make sure that the filming and everything should go around while following safety protocols.

At the beginning of 2021, the lead cast and star of the series Asa Butterfield who portrays Otis’s role, did give specific information regarding the series’s return. Butterfield spoke to The Guardian regarding the release date and the return of the series. Butterfield revealed that season three packs a specific distinctive change for the character.

sex education season 3

What is to come in the Third Season of Sex Education?

According to Butterfield, the second season’s cliffhanger was massive, but there’s a little bit of time-jump. Otis is back at school, but now there are distinctive things in the teenage sexologist’s life. By the looks of it, Otis has got several remarkable things on the plate as of now. The teenager is growing up, but he’s becoming a little sassy.

Butterfield’s character didn’t change much, like he is still a little awkward. But, Otis’s newfound charisma is quite reverting. The series has made the filming location quite popular across the world as properties in Hertfordshire, Symonds Yat East, have increased by 8.82%.

The filming location is getting popular since last year

As per a recent study, the series’s fans have headed down to the location where the series was being filmed. In addition to the fans, even the professional investors in real estate have also rushed into the town to make it more accessible to own a property in the location.

In 2020, producers also announced that the third season would release a funny video that leads to what the actors will bring to the show.

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