Sex Education Season 3 Release Date Rumours – When Is Season 3 Coming?

The British dramedy hit series has left fans eagerly waiting for the new season following a spectacular reception of the second season. ‘Sex Education’ season 2 was released on Netflix in January 2020 after a stunning 40 million streams for the first season. Soon after the success of season 2, Netflix renewed the LGBTQ-listed series for a third season.

From what began with the self-proclaimed sex therapist Otis Milburn’s escapade with the Chlamedyia outbreak, the series explores different sides to teenage drama and their insane amount of sexual misadventures. Unlike many series of this genre, ‘Sex Education’ portrays matters in a mature, responsible, and hysterical way.

sex education season 3

Sex Education Season 3 Release Date

In all excitement, fans can expect the third season of ‘Sex Education’ to be released in 2021. However, Netflix hasn’t released any official statement about the release date or month of the show. There were no mentions of ‘Sex Education’ season 3 in any of their monthly listings. So this leaves fans with little to expect.

Quite recently, there has been word going around that the third season might be released somewhere in mid-July. This seems probable as there aren’t many big-listers scheduled during that period.

Sex Education Season 3 Cast

We will get to see most of the Moordale miscreants, along with some of the new additions to season 2. As for season 3, there has been news of a few newcomers joining the others, namely, Jason Isaacs, Jemima Kirke, and Dua Saleh.

Sex Education Season 3 Trailer

Regular Netflix fans would know that a trailer would mean that the series will mostly premier in a month or so. Since there has been no trailer release for ‘Sex Education Season 3, fans would have to keep their eyes peeled for when it comes out.


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