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Seven years after the planned opening of The airport BER technology-rehearsals begin

More than seven years after the originally planned opening of the capital airport BER is to be the construction site at the duration, for the first time the important technology and equipment tested together. The examination is a prerequisite for the acceptance of the Airport by the building inspector. The plants are located in the main terminal.

On Monday, the Tests start, such as the airport, the company announced. The opening of the airport in Schönefeld, near Berlin, is now planned for October 2020. For the so-called active principle of checks (WPP) is reported to the TÜV in charge. An estimated 40 working days, or two months. It is tested, whether the investment groups work together. This includes reporting, for example, the fire and alarm systems and the security of power supply. Prior to that, the systems were tested only individually.

Six times, the opening date has been moved already

“the beginning of The parent active-principle tests in July our appointment confirmed plan until the opening of BER in October 2020,” had communicated to airport CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup at the announcement of the examinations.

Originally, the opening of the Airport had been planned for the autumn of 2011. Construction defects, engineering issues and design errors delayed the project. Six times the opening has been moved forward already. Recently doubts have been raised once again, whether it can be adhered to this Time. There were critical voices because of the use of plugs in cable, climbs, but were not yet approved. In June, a letter from the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer had become known, in which these doubts about the planned opening of the expressed appointment. The CSU-politician drew attention to shrinking the buffer in the time schedule. The Federal government holds 26 per cent of the airport company, the Rest of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg share.

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