Secret tip Asturias: Between crashing Waves and high mountains

The sea is deep in the old town: In Llanes, only fishing boats Bob up and down to the investors of the natural Bay, but also motor boats and sailing ships of the free captains. Their owners to stroll through the streets of only 13,000 residents in the town and mixing on the count of the audience, which consists, in addition to the Locals in the summer months, mostly from Spanish holidaymakers. English or German you hear rarely on the streets.

Asturias – the non-congested coast of Spain

Other than the crowded resorts on the Costa Brava, Alicante or Marbella, has of Llanes, in Asturias, his original character. No heat on the Mediterranean sea, but rather a temperate climate such as the North sea is also in the summer months.

But who stands on the sea and a view angle of 180 degrees inland, turns, takes a very different landscape: huge mountains. Because it is only a few kilometers behind the green strip of coast on which cows graze, stand out the “peaks of Europe”, so the translated name for the Pico de Europe, in the sky. From sea level, the rock formations rise up to almost 2700 meters. Often, however, the mountain peaks are not seen at all, because masses of Clouds cover the karst mountains.

The Apple wine is found in particularly high glasses

holiday destination: Spain, North

insider tip Asturias: Where Spain still is not overflow

Before that, a high-level, extends above Llanes. Where today, on a manicured Golf course, the players make their rounds, it was during the Spanish civil war, an aerodrome. From here also the machines of the German Condor Legion, which bombed in 1937, the Basque town of Guernica started.

he Who comes in the evening from the Playa de Toró or one of the other bays of Llanes, back in the place that is likely to be in one of the many fish restaurants, which are collected in the city of palaces. The small town has several surprisingly representative buildings, as in previous times of whaling a lot of money was earned.

Today, only seafood on the table, all the delicacy Barnacle, the finger shells thicknesses of duck, which are actually crabs, and at great risk of Barnacle-collectors of the coastal rocks to be scratched. This Albariño is drunk, a fresh white wine, or cider. The typical Apple wine must be served in glasses from a great height, so as to bind the impact of the beam more oxygen, which makes the drink even more sparkling.

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