SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 4: Take A Look Into The Drama Circling Jason’s Family

As you prepare for SEAL Team season 5 episode 4 on CBS tomorrow night, there’s clearly a lot to unravel on both a personal and professional level.

So where do things begin? It starts with Jason Hayes back home. In the first sneak peek below from “Need to Know,” you can see Jason’s daughter Emma open up about a big potential change in her life: She wants to move in with her new boyfriend! This would be a huge step forward for her but ultimately, it’s not something that Jason wants to see happen. He may not think that she’s ready while she’s still in school, and he doesn’t seem all that keen to listen to what she’s saying.

What’s going on here? It may just be as simple as Jason not wanting to see his daughter grow up as of yet. It’s hard for any father to do that, especially someone who is fairly used to being an alpha out in the field.

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 4: Take A Look Into The Drama Circling Jason's Family

Eventually, David Boreanaz’s character does go out in the field with the rest of Bravo and in the second sneak peek, he and Ray have a VERY important conversation: Someone has told Command about Ray’s PTS. It’s something he’s been working to take on, and the two are unsure as to who spilled the beans to some of the higher-ups. It’s not necessarily something that will cause him to be benched for good, but it is a concern. The best way for him to combat it, at least at the moment, is to simply go out and perform on the next op. Jason tells him that he’s got his Six, not that this should be that much of a surprise. Despite what they’ve gone through, Bravo continues to have one another’s backs.

Remember that episode 4 is the final episode slated to air on CBS; on November 1, episode 5 is slated to premiere on Paramount+.

What do you most want to see when it comes to SEAL Team season 5 episode 4?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates on the way and we don’t want you to miss any of them.


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