Sea of Thieves season 2: Plunder pass: Know the detailed information

The updated second season of the famous video game Sea of Thieves has been updated on 15th April with new contents as per the report. Rare switched the season 2 with a lot of Fun introducing New Emote, a Plunder pass, and so on.

New features

Season 2 introduces a New sneaky emote, which allows the pirates to hide in the barrels. Emote can be used everywhere by the players. On the fort, a patient pirate can make a shop to hide as an innocent barrel and so on.

Season 2’s renewed system will reward players with coins, cosmetics, and doubloons. This new reward system has been based on an ‘ocean Deep theme’ like nautical imagination. A set of ‘lucky Hand’ cosmetics formed on gamblers and tavern games will be added.

Sea of Thieves season 2

About Plunder Pass

More Plunder pass levels will be introduced to unlock throughout the season. Plunder pass costs 999 ancient coins around the US $9.99 and accessible in the Pirates emporium.

Release date

Developers’ Rare ‘has confirmed the release date of 15th April 2021.

Rare is very secretive about the updated version of Sea of Thieves. The trailer has not revealed more till then. Stay tuned.


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