Saturday Night Live: What To Expect From The Latest NBC Episode?

Is Saturday Night Live new tonight on NBC? We’ve had a great run of episodes as of late; will that continue moving forward? We’d love for that to be the case, especially since the most-recent episode hosted by Jason Sudeikis may very well be the funniest one of the whole season.

Unfortunately, this is where we hand down some of the bad news: There is no new episode on the air tonight. During last week’s episode, we were informed that SNL will be taking this week off, and it is currently poised to return on Saturday, November 6 with an episode hosted by Succession star Kieran Culkin. It goes without saying that we’re really excited to see what he will bring to the show, given how popular the HBO hit is — we just saw an appearance by Nicholas Braun on this past episode!

Saturday Night Live: What To Expect From The Latest NBC Episode?

Beyond just seeing Culkin host the next new episode, there are other questions well worth wondering, as well. Take, for example, the status of longtime cast member and fan favorite Kate McKinnon. She has been gone for the first several weeks of the season, mostly because she is off working on a separate project. We do know that she is still a part of the series and will be returning at some point down the road; the mystery here is mostly when she will come back and also how. There could be other cast-member absences here and there throughout the season, so go ahead and prepare yourself for that accordingly.

In general there are a lot of fun things we’re still expecting the show to bring to the table this season, and we’d say that there are probably going to be at least two, if not three, episodes in November. That is typically the way things work here…

What do you most want to see on Saturday Night Live moving forward?

Are you bummed that the show is not on the air tonight? Be sure to let us know right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates on the way, and we don’t want you to miss any of them.


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