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We all know that Saaho has become the 2nd movie after Baahubali 2 to make opening collections of over 100 cr. Now its time to break some more records. For that, we have to estimate the day two collections. Read the article till the end to know two-day collections.

As you might have already heard by now, Saaho is made with a budget of over 350 crores. And the film’s theatrical value is 290 crores. So after collecting 73 crores on day 1 it needs to collect 213 crores more in coming days to achieve hit status.

Saaho Collections

Saaho is released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam in India and overseas. This means we have to combine all the numbers to know much the film has collected. Let’s address the collection by day one and day two and then add them up.

Saaho Day 1 World Wide Collections

Telugu States (Share):

Vizag: 4.22 crores
East: 4.58 crores
West: 3.84 crores
Krishna: 2.52 crores
Guntur: 4.70 crores
Nellore: 2.56 crores
Ceded: 4.70 crores
Nizam: 9.41 crores

Total: 36.53 crores (52.1 crores gross)

Karnataka: 7.10 crores (11.6 crores gross)
Tamilnadu: 1.92 crores (3.8 crores gross)
Kerala: 0.55 crores (1.2 crores gross)
Rest Of India: 14.90 (31.4 crores gross)

Total India: 61 crores (100.1 cr gross)
USA: 5.83 crores (10.6 crores gross)
Rest of the world: 6.75 crores (15 crores gross)

1st Day Total World-Wide Collections: 73.58 crores (125.7 crores gross)

Saaho Day 2 World Wide Collections

Telugu: The Telugu version is estimated to collect 35 crores share on day 2 with over 90% occupancy.

Hindi: The Hindi version is expected to have an increase in occupancy and collections. We can estimate collections up to 20 crores.

All Languages Combined: If we combine all the languages (i.e, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam), We can estimate a gross of ₹100.00 Cr worldwide

Note: All the numbers are gathered from different sources. These are just estimated numbers. So we cannot guarantee you that these numbers will be accurate.

Saaho needs to collect a share of 290cr to get breakeven. What do you think? Will it be able to do it? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below. Stay tuned to our site for more updates on Saaho.

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  1. yes it can collect more than 500cr because the movie is good
    U need to involve in the movie to understand unnecessarily some of them are spreading negative review of the movie real thing is 80% audience is happy with the movie.

  2. Don’t follow the negative reviews 1st u can see then talk and not only see the movie understand the movie urs compulsory ,come out from the theater with full happy 😊 block buster movie ever seen in the tollywood cinemas fights ,chesings, suspense,a action,love , emotional over all full enjoy the movie i am really happy the movie from national to international level of PAN INDIA movie world records it’s come .

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