Rudy Giuliani Just Made A Big Admission About Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani Just Made A Big Admission About Donald Trump

Per MSNBC, Rudy Giuliani testified during a deposition for the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit in August that the so-called “evidence” on which former President Donald Trump based the claims he virulently supported and touted were in large part taken from social media — namely, Facebook posts — and were not corroborated in any fashion via fact-checking or interviewing sources. During the deposition, Giuliani remained evasive, stating that “those social media posts get all one to me,” via Insider

As the outlet noted, Giuliani had previously cited the Facebook page of Dominion employee Eric Coomer, whom he had claimed played a pivotal role in an alleged fraud scheme. But when asked specifically about anything else aside from nameless posts he could offer up as evidentiary support, Giuliani stated, “Right now, I can’t recall anything else that I laid eyes on.”

Per Insider, the supposed link between the employee and the fraud allegations was first floated by conservative podcaster Joe Oltmann, who claimed to have gone undercover on an “Antifa conference call,” as Insider put it, where a person known as “Eric from Dominion” bragged about his part in election interference. (There is no evidence Oltmann’s account occurred.) During the deposition, Giuliani stated this was a major basis for the resulting election fraud claims but later said, “It’s not my job in a fast-moving case to go out and investigate every piece of evidence that’s given to me.”


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