Rowdy Baby Kannada Movie Release date, Teaser, Plot, Cast & Crew | 2020

Rowdy Baby is the forthcoming Kannada film which is set to release some time in 2020. By the looks of it, the makers of the film have reportedly released the official Teaser Trailer in 4K in social media platforms including Twitter as well as YouTube. The trailer begins with a musical rendition, soulful background score where it focuses on two central characters of the film.

Rowdy Baby Kannada Movie Release date, Teaser, Plot, Cast & Crew | 2020

The teaser of Rowdy Baby ends with lovers passionately kissing each other.

Rowdy Baby: Plot

As far as the storyline of the film is concerned it’s about the separation of two young lovers who are deeply in love with each other. However, their paths cross again after some time and their love wins.

The central plot of Rowdy Baby suggests that Love without Pain is complete. If you’re in love, you’ll have to go through pain. The premise of the film clearly defines that without pain and suffering love is incomplete.

Rowdy Baby: Star Cast

The films featuring an extensively talented cast such as Divya Rao, S S Ravi Gowda, Amith V, Heer Kaur, Avinash, Kempegowda, Aruna Balraju, Srinath Vasista, among others.

Rowdy Baby Kannada Movie Release date, Teaser, Plot, Cast & Crew | 2020

The film is written by Reddy Krishna who is also the man in charge of the screenplay of the story as well as the director. The romantic film is collectively produced by Sumukha Entertainers and Warfoot Studios. S Samrat helms the role of the cinematographer of the film whereas Rowdy Baby has been edited by Venki UDV and the music director of the film is none other than the maestro, Araman Merugu.

Given that the film is all set to release sometime in late 2020, the date of release of the film is unknown.

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