‘Rick And Morty’ season 5 to air this June – Check out new release date

“Ricky and Morty” is an American-made Animated Adult Sitcom that Warner Bros Television Distribution distributes for Cartoon Network Channel. The show that is written and created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had completed four seasons successfully. The Fifth Season was announced in 2020; check out the fifth season’s details below in this article.

Ricky and Morty Season 5 Release Date:

The fifth season of Ricky and Morty will be telecasted from 20th June 2021. The upcoming season will consist of 10 episodes, each with a duration of 30 minutes. The fourth season was released in 2019.

Season 5 was supposed to be released much earlier but got delayed due to COVID 19 Pandemic. Ricky and Morty Alex Rubens’s writer confirmed that work for season 7 had already started before season 5, and season 6 has even released. The show is now in the post-production stage and will be finished soon.

‘Rick And Morty’ season 5

The plot of Ricky and Morty:

“Ricky and Morty” revolves around Ricky, an alcoholic mad scientist, and his 14-year old grandson Morty. The show is known for its comic writing and peculiar characters present in the story. It showcases the adventures of Jerry’s family.

The plot becomes appealing with the characters moving to other planets through Ricky’s flying car. The adventures of characters in Ricky and Morty make the show worth watching. As of now, there is no information about the plot of Season 5. Stay tuned for the official confirmation from the makers of the show.

Ricky and Morty Broadcast: Where to watch?

The show Ricky and Morty is streaming on Netflix in different countries all over the world. Along with Netflix, the show is available on other streaming partners like Hulu and HBO Max. Channel 4 is now the official broadcaster for Ricky and Morty in the UK.

Ricky and Morty Trailer:

The makers have released the new trailer of Ricky and Morty Season 5 on 30th March 2021. The trailer showcases Rick and his grandson Morty running into an ocean man. To keep the audience engaging, the adult swim has mentioned the day of release (20th June) as Ricky and Morty’s day to celebrate the show’s premiere. Check out the trailer below.

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