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Restaurant tables are crucial components of any location, whether you manage a simple cafe or a sophisticated dining business. These tables complete your eating space and are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate a wide range of decor styles. You can choose tops with eye-catching texture to create visual appeal to your area, or you can choose more neutral options to allow other elements of your design to shine out.

Not everybody feels the same about shopping for furniture. Some people love it, and others despise it. Regardless of which group you belong to; your restaurant needs quality restaurant tables for your clients.

Restaurant Tables Design Choice: Material

It is necessary to understand that the table material is important since it will determine the appearance of your tables and finally will also have a significant impact on the appearance of your dining room.

Sturdy tables survive longer, requiring fewer replacements and not collapsing in front of guests. Consumer-grade kitchen tables do not go through the same wear and tear that a restaurant table endures on a daily basis. Superior materials are used to construct commercial restaurant tables.

Tables must be able to withstand continuous cleaning. Having tables that are easy to clean and fast ready for the next visitor is extremely beneficial during high service periods. The importance of first impressions in the customer experience cannot be overstated. Some guests may not pay attention to the smaller aspects of the table, for example to the base, but they will even notice if the table is unclean right away.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood’s beauty is forever and will last for a lot of decades if properly cared for. With discarded materials transformed into attractive furniture, reclaimed wood increases the “life” of wood. It is an environmentally friendly method of producing furniture.

Reclaimed wood is widely regarded as the greatest restaurant table material for rustic settings. Natural beauty is important in rustic themes, so salvaged wood fits well in. Even if a restaurant’s decor isn’t completely rustic, reclaimed wood tabletops are a great way to add character.

New Wood

Reclaimed wood can be very costly, and the wood alternatives not always really suit the restaurant’s decor. New wood gives you a larger assortment to choose from, as well as more personalization opportunities.

Finding the proper color is very important in determining how the dining room or the living room will look. New wood selections might provide something that can be unique, to special people who are particular about wood color and stain.

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Metal

Wood does not necessarily complement the décor of a restaurant. Some themes are better suited to metal (modern, for example). In some interior decorating schemes, the appearance of metal table tops offers an appealing contrast. Metal is long-lasting, but unlike wood, it does not stain, so color options are restricted.


Stone tables are really classy and elegant but can be quite expensive and heavy. For dining tables purchased in quantity, stone is probably not the best option. It is preferable to have tables that are easily moved while changing the eating area. Stone tables work nicely as accent pieces in premium restaurants that need a few extra touches of elegance.

Restaurant Tables: Maintenance and Care

Another issue to consider when choosing tables for your restaurant is upkeep. Is there going to be time in the timetable for furniture upkeep?

Regular Maintenance

Wooden tables typically necessitate greater upkeep. Water, heat marks, and gouges do usually destroy unprotected wood. Wood that does not have a protective coating are very sensitive and must be cleaned carefully. Please avoid using too much water. Soaked wood warps. To help the wood dry quickly, use damp, but not wet, cloths. Harsh and citrus cleaners may damage the surface. Any gouges in the wood must be fixed immediately to prevent the damage from worsening.

It is advised that wood be polished every three months. The application of a protective layer to wood, such as polyurethane, minimizes the frequency of maintenance. Because of oxidation, aluminum tables lose their luster. The luster of a car or metal can be restored with wax.

Low Maintenance

Some tables will continue to look good for years with little upkeep. They are simple to clean and are unlikely to require repair. This is presuming the tables are of high quality and well-constructed, which is a prerequisite for any restaurant table.

Most metal, plastic, plastic, and resin tables require little upkeep. They can be very simple to clean and fortunately do not need to be polished. They have the advantage to be stain-resistant and water-resistant.

Restaurant Tables: Exterior and Interior

Tables that perform admirably indoors may not perform admirably outdoors. If your restaurant has outdoor dining, the tables should be able to weather conditions such as heat, rain, and sunlight.


When comparing indoor furniture to “patio furniture,” the inside has nicer pieces. There is no doubt that beautiful hardwood tables may improve the appearance of the dining room. Plastic tables, on the other hand, aren’t usually suited for the inside due to aesthetic reasons.


A higher level of durability is required for your outdoor furniture set. Will the tables withstand the elements?

Wood: Restaurant tables made of wood perform well if they are coated with a water and UV-resistant coating. Use ONLY Cedar, Redwood, or tropical wood. Anyway, you should be prepared to sand and refinish ANY furniture wood used outside on a regular basis.

Plastic is ideal for use outside! Again, quality is essential. Plastic that is too thin will deteriorate in the elements.

Metal: Rust-resistant metal is the best choice. Remember that metal is a conductor and that exposing it to sunlight will cause it to become dangerously hot to the touch. Choose a metal that conducts heat poorly or position metal tables in the shade or under an umbrella.

Stone: This material is also suitable for use outside. Concrete tables are resistant to wind, rain, and heat.

Tables contribute to the overall environment of your restaurant. Keeping this in mind, our team at Restaurant will happily assist you in selecting the best commercial restaurant furniture for your venue. Our tables and chairs are available in a range of sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. From granite to laminate, teak to solid wood, we have a wide range of options to help you locate the perfect restaurant table!

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