RED FM and ShowBox will collectively launch two new TV Series

ShowBox, the music channel which comes from IN10 Media is combining its forces with the RED FM, significant FM radio brand across the country. Together, RED FM and Showbox will develop a couple of TV Shows, namely Superhits with “Drama Queen Swati,” and “Box Cafe” for the audience.

According to the recent revelation, “Box Cafe” is a typical cafe show which will broadcast in the afternoon. On the other hand, “Superhits With Drama Queen Swati” is more like a musical show which would incorporate several superhit songs. The collaboration between RED FM and ShowBox is a perfect example of the massive step that the entertainment industry is taking to provide intuitive content to the audience.

An Insight on “Box Cafe” and “Superhits With Drama Queen Swati”

RED FM and ShowBox will collectively launch two new TV Series

According to sources, the chat show, namely Box Cafe, is going to be set in a casual lounge. In the show, several RJs of RED FM and ShowBox anchor will share their perspectives on films, music, culture, social media, among others. In addition to this, Superhits With Drama Queen Swati will bring a collection of several super-hit songs which will feature RJ Swati as an anchor.

ShowBox is aiming at providing strength to the present-day music industry by introducing several innovative programs. In addition to this, ShowBox is also a massive platform for independent musicians and local music across the country.

Where can people watch these shows?

According to sources, both “Superhits With Drama Queen Swati” and “Box Cafe” will be distributed across several services such as Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Videocon DTH, and Dish TV. The channel provides quality music content in several languages such as Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi and some of the regional Indian languages.

Nisha Narayanan, the director, and COO of Magic FM and RED FM said that the firm always has an open mind to engage with their audiences engagingly. The collaboration would ultimately make the audience information about a few things. Rajiee M Shinde, CEO of ShowBox, said that the firm thrives on curating ground-breaking content which would connect the audience across the country.

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