Red Flags To Spot From A Fake Betting App

If you are new to online betting, one of the top worries you might have, which is understandable, is to ask: is online betting a safe thing to do? The short and simple answer to this is yes, it is a safe thing to do. However, it does not mean to say that it does not come with a few risks and that there won’t be people out there who would want to cause you harm or take advantage of you. One way they can do is through fake betting apps.

No matter what type of online bettor you would want to be, choosing the right betting app can be one of the most important and the most crucial part of having your online betting career started. If you aim to be a sports bettor, you need to choose a good bookmaker. There are a lot of choices out there, and even the recommended bookmakers by Silentbet should be able to help you out in at least narrowing down the choices for you, if not helping you make the final decision at all.

In the same way that you need to learn how to choose the right app for you. It is also just as important that you learn how to spot red flags that help you distinguish a fake betting app–so you and even your friends can avoid falling victim to these malicious apps. Here are some ways you can spot fake betting apps.

Missing registration and certificates

The registration is one of the most important things for a betting app. After all, they need to be registered in a country for them to be able to operate legally. They also need to have their games be inspected by respective inspection and certification bodies and have it certified for safety and fairness.

Most betting apps and sites would have the banners and seals of approvals on their page or app, showing that they are registered and their software for games has been inspected and proven to be fair and secure. There is no excuse for the absence of this. 

Slow payout

You can tell that a betting site is fake if they are doing their best effort to make it hard for you to have a payout. After all, a fake app has no intention of ever paying you out at all. Some gimmicks it can tell you only to prolong your wait is by setting a specific day for payout plus requiring you to reach a certain amount of threshold, or advising you that it can take a lot of days or week when in fact normal processing time frame can only take a few days at the most.

Too many bonuses

You know what they say: “when something is too good to be true, it probably is.” The same applies even to betting apps.

Although bonuses and free plays are normal things and are part of the marketing strategy of these apps and sites, bonuses that are too good to be true can be red flags that the site or app is enticing you intending to eventually steal your money or personal information.

Non-existent customer service

When you are dealing with online stuff and the internet, anything could go wrong at any time. This is why customer service that is available around the clock is important and is even a must for every betting app. The absence of this could mean that the developers have no intention of ever helping you solve any problem or issue that you might have.

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