Reasons why your College Admissions Application might get rejected

Most of the schools in the United States accept students who apply. They employ what is known as an open admission policy. However, elite schools do have standards because their waiting list is long. They have their reputation to protect, for instance, so they need to make sure that the applicants are worthy.

Months before the opening of classes, you have parents and students trying all possible ways to boost their chances of getting accepted to their desired schools. Fortunately, in recent years, there has been a noted rise in the number of college admissions consultants who offer their services to boost the chances of passing the admission test.

The private consulting industry in the United States is thriving. According to data, the industry grew at an average of 4.1 percent from 2013 to 2018. And it is showing no signs of slowing down. Most of the consultants are working as freelancers. However, some websites will link you with these professionals, which take out the arduous process of searching for a certified consultant. 

But to give you an idea of why college applications are rejected, here are some of the typical reasons:

  1. Your documents are insufficient — While it makes sense for the college to ask you to fulfill the other requirements, some may think of it as a test of character. It means you did not follow the instructions. Also, there are hundreds of names waiting to fill up the vacancy, anyway.
  2. Weak essay — The reality is that even if you have good grades, your application may still be rejected due to a weakly constructed application essay. The manuscript you submit will give the committee insight into what type of student you would be, and whether or not you would fit in the school’s own goals and expectations. Even if you score high on your SATs, you may want to hire college admissions consultants for the sole reason of helping you with your essay. 
  3. You do not stand out — You may look at the school’s requirements and feel confident that you check all the boxes. However, you should treat the admission process as an interview for your first job. With hundreds of applicants for one spot, how can you make sure you edge out the competition? Ideally, your parents would have hired college admissions consultants to steer your course, starting as early as your sophomore year in high school.
  4. You lie and exaggerate — It is one of the cardinal sins of college applications. Indeed, it is tempting to pad your resume to boost your chances of being accepted. However, these institutions know all the rules in the book. Your ruse will be discovered sooner or later, and your application will not only be rejected, but you might also be in danger of being blacklisted, as well.

While students and parents would want an open admissions policy, the figures support the importance of admission tests to gauge the readiness of the student. According to government data, for example, institutions with standards for accepting students’ record a high graduation rate (87 percent) compared to those schools with none (31 percent).


The reason why college admission consultants are popular is that they fill several roles. You may think that the top students do not need any help. But they do hire professionals to help them craft and hone their application letters and other documents. Essentially, the consultant will help them find their own “brand,” which makes them more appealing to their target schools.

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