Ranveer Singh’s Anniyan Remake In Controversy – Rift Between Director Shankar and Producer V Ravichandran

On Wednesday, the official Hindi adaptation of Anniyan was announced by Director Shankar on his Twitter and Ranveer Singh, who will play the lead role in the film. And on the very next day, the film has fallen into controversy.

V Ravichandran of Ascar films, who is the producer of Anniyan, has claimed that director Shankar and Pen Movies are violating the copyright laws. He said he’ll be going to sour for the same.

Ranveer Singh's Anniyan Remake In Controversy - Rift Between Director Shankar and Producer V Ravichandran

The director, Shankar, has also responded to the feud by claiming to have obtained the storyline’s rights from the late director, Sujatha, wholly and solely. The former, I.e., producer Ravichandran has repeatedly been calling it an illegal remake ever since the news came to light.

Director Shankar has also issued an open letter to Producer V Ravichandran. Read it below:

The matters have gone out of hand completely, with the producer sending a legal notice to the director, Shankar, and the Bollywood production house for stealing the rights. This has been a heated topic of debate. Who knew a harmless 2005 Tamil movie could cause this type of dispute over its remake after 16 years of its release.

Shankar To Carry Out Official Adaptation Of Anniyan

Anniyan perhaps was the first Tamil film exposure for the north Indian audiences. The movie clicked off at the right buttons and was a massive super hit all over the nation.

Anniyan or Aparichit in Hindi is still a widely popular movie and has been tremendously appreciated amongst the spectators. The movie was about an idealistic law-abiding man who develops a dissociative personality disorder triggered by the corruption and wrongdoings going around the law.

He develops two personalities, a ruthless killer who punishes people breaking or receiving the law and a metrosexual romantic dude chasing his love interest.


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