Ranarangam and Evaru: 1st Day Collection at the box office

Sharwanand’s new film Ranarangam has been released on the 15th of August, and currently, it is screening at the theaters. By the looks of it, the reason why people are accepting the film wholeheartedly because Sharwanand has put in a lot of effort to portray the role of Deva in the film.

How much did Rarangam make in the box-office?

The first-day report of the film shows a critical and commercial success. Sharwanand is a fantastic actor on screen and a great person off-screen, which proved to be a catalyst to pull the crowd. As Deva, Shaewanand did put a lot of effort in the double role. And now, fans of Sharwanand are incredibly excited to know how much the movie has collected in the box office.

As mentioned before, the crowd-pulling element of the film was that Sharwanand is a great actor. Moreover, he has put a lot of work. Experts of the South Indian film industry are suggesting that the movie did make a stellar performance in the box office. Ranarangam was made on a decent budget, and the reports are suggesting that the film has a remarkable opening.

Ranarangam and Evaru: 1st Day Collection at the box office

Day 1 collection of Ranarangam

East Side -36,34,368

West Side – 28,07,363.

In Nellore, Krishna, and Guntur, the movie collected are 19.98 lakh; 23, 28, 772; and 36,75,43.

The film also premiered in 58 locations in the US and garnered: $13,4000

Box office performance of Evaru

The intense drama also garnered a lot of attention from the audience across the country, most importantly in South India. Venkat Ramji is the director of the fantastic thriller film. Moreover, the movie is also a Bollywood adaption Badla which gives it an edge over its box office competitors

Adivi Sesh did take a wise decision in choosing the role of Vikram Vasudev aka Adarsh Varma. The thriller movie also stars the gorgeous actress Regina as Sameera Maha opposite to Adivi Sesh. Evaru, the investigative murder drama revolves around a woman who is accused of a murder. Moreover, the help that she seeks is not coming to her until the very end of the film.

According to the critics, the film did a great job in keeping the audience hooked to the screen until the very end. The climax of the movie also has a massive twist which completely changes the entirety of the film. With Evaru, Adivi Sheh did manage to bag another enormous hit with a significant box office collection. The box office collection of Evaru is yet to be revealed.

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