Raju Talikote Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Contestant – Wiki, Bio, Photos and Unknown Facts

Raju Talikote is a very well known Kannada drama and a film comedy actor whose original name is Rajesaba Maktumasab Talikoti. Raju Talikote originally belongs to the Chikasindagi village of Sindagi taluk of the Vijayapur district.

Raju Talikote has entered as one of the contestants in Big Boss Kannada 7 which has begun today, that is, on Sunday, 13th of October 2019.

Raju Talikote’s Age and Date of Birth

41 years old Raju Talikote was born in the year 1978.

Raju Talikote’s Parents

Raju Talikote’s parents details are not yet known.

Raju Talikote’s Weight and Height

Raju Talikote’s weight and height is not yet known.

Raju Talikote’s Hometown

Raju Talikote is from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Raju Talikote’s Net worth

At present, Raju Talikote’s Networth is not yet known.

Raju Talikote’s Educational Qualification

Raju Talikote’s educational qualifications are not yet known. However, he is a graduate.

Raju Talikote

Raju Talikote’s Instagram Profile

Raju Talikote is not active on social media.

Raju Talikote’s Relationship Status

Raju Talikote is not married.

Unknown Facts About Raju Talikote

  • Raju Talikote has been seen acting in a number of comedy TV serials.
  • Raju Talikote has also played the role of an actor in two movies.
  • Raju Talikote is a versatile comedy actor by profession.
  • Raju Talikote is one of those persons who has done a lot of good things for the people in the film industry.
  • Raju Talikote’s eyes and hair are of black color.
  • Raju Talikote earns around Rs 12000 per episode.
  • Raju Talikote belongs to Hindu religion.
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