Quick Guide for Selecting the Best Biometric Attendance Machine

Every company worldwide thrives because of its employees. They are the human resources of any organization. As business needs are complex and continually changing, human resources are the most difficult resources to handle. Also, every organization’s size brings its own set of challenges.

Managing human resources is also challenging in small businesses, as they may not have a fully operating department of human resources, or the responsibilities may lie with the company’s CEO. On the other hand, the human resources department’s work gets remarkably messy in larger companies with thousands of workers. It is because of the sheer number of employees and their information that needs to be monitored and managed.

One of the most crucial real-time functions of the human resources department is attendance management. Put simply, attendance refers to the employees showing up for work to the organization on any given day. It is this attendance that determines the employees’ pay stubs at the end of every month.

But is attendance management so easy? No.

Employee attendance could be handled manually with fewer workers and single shifts, with everyone arriving at the same scheduled time and leaving at the designated time. When everybody signs the attendance register once in the morning and then again in the evening, keeping track of attendance isn’t difficult.

Quick Guide for Selecting the Best Biometric Attendance Machine

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The HR team will use the data to produce the paycheck at the end of each month. But manual attendance register entry is very tedious and not feasible with a bigger staff, separate shift timings for different divisions, and adjustable timings.

Then, what is the solution? A biometric attendance system!

What makes biometric attendance management useful? In addition to performing the primary role of clocking in the employees’ check-in and check-out time, an efficient biometric attendance system has several characteristics that can streamline multiple simultaneous processes and save time, money, and energy.

Biometric Attendance System Feature Checklist

A biometric attendance system should come with these features to help you make the most of it:

  1. A precise and easy check-in and check-out feature for employees to measure their efficient working hours and eliminate human errors.
  2. Comprehensive over-time reporting to track productivity.
  3. Creation of a real-time, cloud-based attendance database to keep an eye on employees’ attendance records anywhere at any time.
  4. Provision of web-based or mobile-based check-ins for workers working remotely, operating from their homes, or out-of-duty.
  5. GPS monitoring to ensure the validity of employees’ remote check-ins.
  6. Inclusion of attendance strategies such as flexible timings, late penalties, short leaves, half-day shift minimum hours, and overtime incentives.
  7. Provision for multiple shift management for various employee classes.
  8. Integration of seamless payroll functionality and paycheck generation with the payroll processing framework.
  9. Integration with the leave management system to track vacation time and workers’ compulsory leaves.
  10. Easy-to-use app that allows workers to view and manage their attendance and leaves quickly.
  11. Attendance notifications to inform employees of missed punches, half punches, or technical glitches through messages or emails.
  12. Provision for regularisation of attendance in the event of incorrect attendance marking after approval by the concerned individual.
  13. An easily configurable device that fits the organization’s needs perfectly.

If you are searching for a biometric attendance system that does it all, your saviour is the KENT CamAttendance. This device checks all the boxes in the checklist and is easily the best attendance management system in the market. It offers facial recognition technology that uses an AI Computer Vision to capture the employee’s image and record their attendance. KENT CamAttendance works in a fraction of a second and offers 99.9% accuracy. So, check out this product and call for a free demo today!

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