Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 2 Release Date and Time on Netflix

Superhit drama-crime series Queen of the South has already aired with its 5th and final season on the USA network, breaking all fans’ patience. The show premiers in the USA on 7th April 2021. It will be streamed on Netflix later, though.

When does season 5 stream on Netflix?

Although Netflix has not disclosed the official date of release for the 5th season, after the announcement of season 5, the production was halted due to lockdown. With assumption, we can see it before April 2022 on Netflix.


The show is an adaptation of Arturo pérez-reverté’s best-selling novel worldwide, La Reina del Sur, which tells a story of a woman who is forced to run from Mexico’s cartel to look for a Refuge in America. Eventually, she built power over her drug trafficking empire.

Queen of the South Seas

Cast and crew

All the casts of season 4 are supposed to return in season 5.

Teresa Mendoza will represent Alice Braga, Peter Gadiot as James Valdez, John Michael Ecker could mark another arrival.

What will happen in season 5?

At first, it should make clear this will be the final season of Queen of South. Based on the teaser, it can be predicted that Teresa will encounter a chunk of Russians which can make his company’s downfall, and it will be interesting to see what would happen with James. Moving out from New Orleans and focused on Russian and in the meantime, James had also warned her that people are coming to find her. Yes, there are great turnings that can be expected in season 5.

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