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Putting on a Casino Night Fit for a Celeb

Stretch” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael Dunn~!

We’d all love to live the celebrity lifestyle but for 99.999% of the world, or even less, that’s simply not going to happen. We mere mortals just have to imagine what it would be like to be chauffeured from our 5-star hotel suite to whichever glamorous location takes our fancy or to always turn left on a plane – if we’re not catching a private jet, that is.

However, we can put on celeb-style events for ourselves and our friends to sample the dream, and what better way than with a casino night? These are just the sort of high-end places that are perfect for luxuriating and feeling like royalty – and here’s how to create one.

The décor

Even if you live somewhere pretty nice, it’ll still need sprucing up if it’s going to be celeb ready. So the first thing to do is to roll out some red carpet in front of the door.

Inside, make sure the lighting’s just perfect by investing in an LED light strip or two to add that swanky nightspot atmosphere. For the finishing touches hang some reproductions of the sort of art that the Bellagio has on display. It will really add to the vibe of the space.

The games

The Venetian Casino” (CC BY 2.0) by nick.amoscato

Next comes the choice of games you’re going to play. There are two avenues here. You can either go high-tech, having your guests partake in casino games through online providers for both digital and live streamed games, or set up a few tables so you can play the traditional way. 

That means you’ll be able to select the perfect casino setting for your esteemed guests. Ideally, you’ll also want to hire some professional dealers (or even a real-life roulette table) to take care of your gaming needs. If you have the option, it will definitely add to your night. Professionals will not just know how to set up the table, what types of bets and what roulette wheel layouts there are (and how they apply to your gaming needs) but also the minutiae of casino etiquette and service, which means your guests will feel like a million bucks. 

The refreshments

It can be thirsty and hungry work playing the tables, so make sure that you’ve plenty of champagne, or prosecco at least, on ice.

Some guests might prefer coffee instead and, to give the full celeb treatment, make sure you’re stocked up with the full range of options: almond milk, oat milk – perhaps you could get hold of a milk frother to show off your inner barista. In terms of food, low carb is the classier, more celeb way to go so it’s going to be a case of delicious little nibbles instead of great big bowls of crisps.

Consider some casino staples too. Shrimp cocktail and clams casino are two dishes that bring to mind the luxury of the land-based setting, but a high-end burger or steak can work as well.

The playlist

The finishing touch is going to be the soundtrack for the night. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the music. Why not start with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face? It’s certainly a song that Kim Kardashian should have listened to before turning up to a poker tournament in mirrorshades.

Then. it could be Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry or even Rihanna’s Russian Roulette. To round the evening off it could be time to go to the old-time classics like Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler or, for those who enjoy rock, Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

So there you have it. The complete celeb casino night in to (almost) compare with anything Monte Carlo or Vegas has to offer. Now, all that’s left is to call for the stretch limos to whisk all the guests home.


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