Punjab De Super Chef Season 6: Start Date, Registration Procedure and Eligibility

All the food enthusiasts have been all prepped up for a new Punjab De Super Chef season, a ravishing new season in the first five lists; the foodies have much anticipated this.

What makes it unique and apart from other reality cooking tv shows is fun and entertaining.

For food lovers, the registration of season 6 of this fantastic show has begun. The reality cooking tv show runs on PTC Punjab.

This channel is known for entertaining its audience by running many tv programs which engage the spectators.

Since many people haven’t been aware of the registration process, here are a few tips.

Punjab De Superchef Season 6

Registration Procedure:

  • Go to PTC Punjab’s official website.
  • Visit the home page of the official website.
  • Click on the link given there.
  • Download the given application form for Punjab De Super Chef.
  • Double and Cross check the given information requirements before actually filling them up.
  • Submit the form and anticipate the response from the representatives.
  • One can even register to Punjab De Super Chef Season 6 through the medium of an email.
  • First, you need to prepare your masterpiece dish and present it in the most aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Photograph the dish, make it look thoroughly, professionals.
  • A warning, though, that it shouldn’t be photoshopped or edited.
  • Compose an email with all your bio, such as name, age, phone numbers, and a little bit of information about yourself.
  • Send the mail to www.ptcsuperchef@ptcnetwork.com.

There is another alternative way of doing so by registering through WhatsApp.

One can follow the same procedure of taking photos of their dish along with their mini-biographies and then send them to +91 9811757373.

The photos shall all be sent in document format to retain the pictures’ quality and not lose it.

Now, after that, you have to hope and anticipate for the best. You might just become one of the contestants on the show. The office will contact you if they feel you have the caliber.


The eligibility for being selected as a contestant on the show is simple; you’d be of Indian nationality and have appropriate evidence to back that up.


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