PUBG Unban status in India: PUBG to collaborate with Reliance Jio as Indian Partner

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The maker of popular Battle Royale game, PUBG, aka PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Bluehole, a South Korean is looking forward to team-up with someone from India to re-release PUBG after its unprecedented ban. The overnight ban of the popular battle royale game has put the maker of the game in complete disarray.

According to reports from Mint, PUBG Corporation is on an expedition to explore the possibilities for a potential partnership in India, mostly a country-born gaming company. The partnership is intended to resume operations across the South Asian country. After the ban, PUBG Corp was bought by Bluehole Games, and it became a unit of the South Korean gaming company. This article uncovers PUBG mobile unban details.

Pubg Mobile Unban Date in India | Unban Details and News

Bluehole and Reliance Jio are in talks to release PUBG in India

One of the significant gaming firms in India, Paytm First Games is partnering with the eternal competitor of PUBG, Garena Freefire already. In addition to this, there are several reports circulating online suggesting Reliance Jio might get the license to distribute PUBG in India. Reports suggest that Bluehole Games jas discussed localization as well as Revenue Share of PUBG with the Indian telecom giant, Reliance Jio. Previously, the telecom giant of India, as well as the Tencent games, combined their forces to provide a robust experience for the free-to-play game. The partnership allowed the users of Jio, who had registered for PUBG Lite to receive exclusive rewards.

It seems like the makers of PUBG is concurring ways to make the partnership a permanent venture. This will put the South Korean gaming company and PUBG in good terms with the Indian Govt. PUBG Mobile unban date in India is yet to be revealed. It is important to note that the talks of Bluehole and Reliance are in the early stages. However, both sides are working together to concur different aspects of working out the deal of a lifetime. At the time of writing, none of the companies has disclosed any sort of official statement.

PUBG has split up with Tencent

PUBG Unban status in India: PUBG to collaborate with Reliance Jio as Indian Partner

The sources are suggesting that PUBG has already broken-up with Tencent and the corporation is looking for someone to partner in India to build a sustainable presence. PUBG Corp has reportedly issued a statement suggesting that it has parted ways with Tencent Games a notable Chinese company. Previously Tencent Games was in charge of distributing PUBG Mobile Lite, PUBG Mobile across India. The experts of the industry have released a statement suggesting there are a few key players in India that can operate a widely popular game PUBG in the country.

Pubg Mobile Unban Date in India | Unban Details and News

By the looks of it, the newest partner will be operating on the behalf of PUBG Corp in India. The leaks as well as the claims are pointing that Reliance Jio is in the middle of a massive notification. As mentioned earlier, the companies haven’t released official statements concerning the entire partnership.

Back in February 2020, Chairman of RIL, Mukesh Ambani wants to expand the gaming industry in India as there is a significant population who are into gaming.