Protests in Palma, the Mallorcan against Airbnb fight back

she wears square, black glasses on her left upper arm, a black flower-entwined Tattoo. Laura Dorado, 28, an English teacher in Palma, stands in an alley in the old town in front of a house with sand-coloured facade and wrought iron balconies. In one of them, a yellow poster, it says: “Ciutat per a qui l’habita” – “The city for those who live there”. A citizens ‘ initiative, the Dorado is a member of. Your Slogan is hardly a way around this summer in Palma, everywhere the yellow signs – as a memorial against the “tourist facilities”, such as Dorado says now.

she says, especially the excesses of the rentals on sites like “Airbnb” or “Homeaway”. For Mallorca is a relatively new Form of tourism. But because all of the products of the travel industry to thrive on the island, such as in a greenhouse, you can watch them, which flowers they drift. In 2016, were offered on Airbnb handed over 78,500 places. A year later, there were already about 92.500. For 2019, they don’t have the units yet, but Laura Dorado assumes that it does not become less.


The citizen activist and politician Laura Dorado continues in Palma for the rights of residents

©Tomeu Coll “Where a towel out of the window” hangs

even now, the island reported a Trend for this season that illustrates the Problem: Although the number of tourists has risen again, many hotel rooms empty. Also in the capital of the island. Dorado looks at the house up: “Where there’s a towel out of the window, depends on, lives a Tourist,” she says, and counts. It comes to seven. Seven rental housing, which is now in holiday guests, and you could go out, she says. “Locals don’t do that. We dry our clothes in the bathroom.”


chief strategist Nathan Blecharczyk

Drives Airbnb, the Rent in the amount? The founder is expressed in the stern Interview

The biggest concern for Laura and her comrades-in-arms are not the package tourists that just want to make a vacation in the sun. But the distinguished Lifestyle of the tourists, and Laptop nomads, with their claim to authentic life away from the crowds gradually in all areas of life of the Locals of the area. “He who has an Instagram-worthy house or an apartment in the city, you can rent it out in the summer for about 1000 Euro the week,” says Laura Dorado. “How are we supposed to compete when our salaries with that?”

the New protest movement in Palma

the malaise in the face of this development is the result of a protest movement to the professionalised, more and more. New parties were founded, neighborhood associations, and initiatives, ragtag groups, which rely on Information instead of anger. One evening in July, they pull out like a Catholic procession through the old town of Palma. To a litter of four men wearing a homemade cardboard figure: It is their patron Saint, to protect them from waste, air pollution, and Airbnb.

#star Mallorca

stroll through Palma: visit to the Wellness area of the Santa Catalina

The marching band plays “The Final Countdown” by Europe, what makes in the narrow streets of an awful lot of noise. The tourists in front of the Restaurants are first amused, then annoyed. The message is: you are here on vacation – but we are also here for you. “We want to form no fronts,” says Dorado. “Holiday visitors against Locals – it’s not about that. But we want to make the connections carefully. Many tourists are not aware of.”

Although there are now regulations against the misappropriation of living space, but the controls are rather weak. For Northern Europeans who want to invest their money in real estate, the prices on the island are still relatively cheap – and for the locals, the sale is worth it. However, the normal population can no longer afford the up screwed for Rent.


a protest movement: Native wearing a homemade cardboard figure through Palma. There is a patron Saint against waste, air pollution is – and the housing shortage will be

©Tomeu Coll

The people must continue to move away, have longer journeys to work, thus there are more cars and more traffic jams: It’s the same concatenation, which is also known from cities such as Barcelona. Only that it has the consequences on an island directly in front of the eyes. “As a response to the problems and more houses are built,” says Dorado. “Every new building means: Less resources, less space. The logic of this ,more and more’ way of eating us, literally, the ground under your feet.”

“Without tourism, no money”

another difference is that you think of on Mallorca already longer about how to escape this cycle. Awareness of issues such as sustainability, environmental protection, and gentrification has arrived in the middle of the society. Or, as Laura Dorado says: “We know that it is not enough to carry the Eco-tomato in the paper bag home.”


Full bays: In the Caló des Moro, idyllically situated in the Southeast coast, is now a high-operating – although only a tedious walk to get there

©Tomeu Coll

It is going to Survive, even to the economic: “Without tourism, no money,” she says. “But without a natural and normal way of life on the streets, there will be no tourism anymore. No one wants to make an amusement Park vacation.”

What is being done on the island of everything, especially of local organizations that strive to bring tourism and the environment for the benefit of all in line, read in the current issue of the star in our cover story, “An island to think.” From this Thursday in the trade.

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