Power Book II: Ghost Season 2: Promo Reveals Immense Peril For Tariq

As you prepare for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 to arrive on Starz come November 21, there’s potential for drama around every corner. This is a show all about cutthroat moves and dramatic surprises, and we have to imagine that more will be coming soon.

For a few examples of what to be hyped about, why not check out the latest promo?

At the bottom of this article, you can see via Starz a larger look at some of the chaos that will be coming up Tariq’s way — with a lot of it being self-inflicted. For starters, you have the death of Jabari and he finds himself in a spot now where he needs to clean up that mess.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2: Promo Reveals Immense Peril For Tariq

Monet could be worried about it, or any other bumps in the road when it comes to his burgeoning empire at school. The longer he does what he does, the more scrutiny that could come his way — and that’s without even mentioning a possible alliance with Rashad Tate, who is going to be a significant part of this season.

The promo features Tariq asking Tate for help, and we’ve already got a feeling that this may not end altogether well. Tate’s not a good mentor, a good friend, or really good at anything other than screwing over some of the people who are around him.

What do you most want to see on Power Book II: Ghost season 2, especially based on the new promo?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, stick around — there are even more updates on the way and of course, we don’t want you missing any of them.


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