Potential Spoilers For Locke and Key Season 2: The Characters To Remain

The love for Locke and Key can be analyzed just by looking at the viewership that it had received after its first season got aired. After that time till today, folks have been searching for any new update on the release date, and to their luck, the wait is over.

What is the Plot of Locke and Key?

This season has a lot of drama and mystery, which kept its fans hooked until the very end of the show. We found Tyler looking for a way to relive the moments with the love of his life, and for that reason, he thinks of memory key. But Jackie, who is Tyler’s love, disproves this idea as it might bring many good as well as bad memories from the past.

As we are introduced to the memory key, we as an audience are also introduced to the Demon key. Gabe and Ethen are the evil heads behind this as they want to bring ruckus in the very first place. So there are very twists and mysteries that keep unfolding with each step the character takes.

Who All Survived in This Season?

Moving on to the main subject of our article, which is who all died, we like to you give the good news about who all survived it. So Scot and Savinis are the lucky ones who made it till the end of this season, along with Duncan and Nina.

Potential Spoilers For Locke and Key Season 2: The Characters To Remain

There are certain blurry speculations about certain characters who might have gone past their lives, but there are also some clear ideas, too, like Lucas also appears to be alive and well. Then we have one of the major news to crack in front of you, which is about Ellie, who was seen to be thrown behind black doors, seems to have come back alive in this part.

Who All Died in This Season?

As we have given you all the good news, now it is time for the sad part where we will lift the curtains and show you all the characters who have left us as of now. Number one on this list is Eden, who Gideon kills by pushing her into the well. While asking with her, there is also this speculation that Dodge might also have given a final wave to the show.

It happens when Tyler tries the alpha key on Dodge just to save Lucas, but in this process, Dodge gets killed. However, all this dead chain apparently began with Erin getting killed, who was helping Eden in the preparations of the Winter Festival.

When and Where Can We Watch The Season 2?

The most awaited show on the digital platforms is back, and fans cannot wait to watch it. Yes, we are definitely talking about Locke and Key’s second installment, which came on screens on October 22, 2021. We all know that it is not at all difficult to watch the show if you are already a part of the Netflix universe. So, you can easily watch all the episodes of Locke and Key on Netflix.

With the love that the first season received, we believe that the second season will also get the same amount of love from the fans. 


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