Perry Mason Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Plot

Perry Mason is one of the most recognizable characters in American fiction. First appearing in the novels and short stories written by Erie Stanley Gardner. The character became ingrained into the American consciousness due to the popularity of the long-running Perry Mason series, which aired on CBS.

Recently HBO joined the list of networks to feature this iconic character with a show starring Matthew Rhys. The show debuted to strong ratings with almost 1.7 million viewers across all platforms.

Perry Mason Season 2 Plot

The show centers around the origins of the famed lawyer. It is set in 1932 Los Angeles, which unlike the rest of the United States, seems unaffected by the Great Depression. We find Perry struggling with trauma from the World War and struggling to deal with his failed marriage. He soon gets embroiled in a case, namely the disappearance of young Charlie Dodson. He soon uncovers a complex plot involving the local politicians and church officials.

Perry Mason season 2

The first season ends with him launching Mason and Associates along with Della Street( played by Juliet Rylance) and teaming up with Paul Drake (played by Chris Chalk) as a beat cop.

Perry Mason Season 2 Release Date

Initially, HBO had planned the show as a one-off series. However, the massive success of the show led the network to greenlight additional seasons of the show. The showrunners of the upcoming season would be Jack Amiel and Michael Begler.

Fans hope that they would be able to see their favorite criminal defense lawyer return to screen by July 2022

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