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PA Turnpike plate tolling system, working under an authorized license, is known for the masse-Zpass customers who can undergo cashless tolling at specified points in the PA Turnpike. The toll gate management also monitors for unnecessarily fast cars through Cameras.

Individuals who are traveling via the toll highway can choose to pay online on their official login site. The websites in which you may proceed for an online invoice are and You must first sign in to be able to use the online payment. Payment methods are credit card, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa. But one may also go through the payment in the traditional form, i.e., using cash.  

About PATurnpikeTollByPlate 

PaTurnpike TollByPlate is the toll highway of Pennsylvania Turnpike. The turnpike that starts from Lawrence County’s Ohio State Line runs 350 miles across the state. The main areas of duties are covered in Pennsylvania, USA, through the administration of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. 

For better convenience, customers also can pre-register with their vehicles at the PATurnpike TOLL BY PLATE program. Services offered to the registrants include receiving monthly invoices sent to the email or US postal mail. The most significant advantage of doing so is a super easy movement even if the vehicle is rented, leased, and company-owned. 

PATurnpike TollByPlate Login at

All accounts created after a successful sign-up will have specific management tabs for their vehicle type, invoice, and dispute toll, along with other minute information. To continue with the login process, one must keep in mind either the postcode, invoice number, and account number. 

PATurnpike TollByPlate Login 

Well, the main motive of PATurnpike TollByPlate Login Portal is an online invoice. People who wish to make the toll passage smoother can complete their process with online payment. To start playing online, one must log in at One can log in to the portal through the unique account number, invoice number, and postcode. 

Start your login at PATurnpike by registering yourself using the steps given below: 

  • Reach out to the appropriate website @
  • There will be a sentence that reads ls “Open A Toll By Plate Account.” You have to click on it.

Toll by plate

  • Certain information like that of your email address, license plate data, leased and rented agreement handy. 
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘next tab. Click on it. 
  • Tick on terms and conditions and then press on ‘next.’ 
  • You will have the option of adding vehicle details. 
  • One account can hold details of 4 vehicles only. To add more, connect with customer support. 
  • Lastly, click on the ‘next tab to continue. 

PATurnpike Toll By Plate Account Benefits

About the long list of benefits given to customers by the site, the PA Turnpike website offers just more than a payment portal. 

Here are the benefits of PATurnpike Toll By Plate Account:

  • The main benefit is viewing and paying for tolls. 
  • Updating the account and given details is made super convenient through the website. For example, you can change details about vehicles and addresses. 
  • One can also easily access any toll schedule. The option will be available at the printable toll schedules.
  • When a person chooses to open an account in PATurnpike, they are offered a chance of registering at e-ZPASS. They may also choose the cheapest toll rate using Toll BY PLATE invoice. E-Zpass, on the other hand, has its benefits. Firstly, E-Zpass happens to be the most affordable, and secondly, the model is available for payment at all locations throughout PA Turnpike. Through E-Zpass, you can have a chance to pay less than usual for traveling. 
  • The website also gives you an opportunity ahead of knowing the toll rates. You can find the rate chart on the toll calculator page. 

Paturnpiketollbyplate Account Online Login

  • Go to the login link, The first page that comes up is the home page. 

Toll By Plate Login

  • You will have the ‘login section’ tab right there.
  • Clear your payments. 
  • There will be an empty box where you have to type your details, followed by clicking on the submit button. 
  • You will be logged in to your account. Confirm by going through the data. 

Paturnpiketollbyplate Contact Info

The customer support of Paturnpike Toll By Plate is very responsive and most likely, the team will resolve any issues right away. You can contact the support team in case you encounter a problem or to clear your queries. You can reach out to them via phone on 1-888 AUTO TOLL (1-888-288-6865) and connect to any available representative. Other than that, here are the contact details for E-ZPass and TOLL BY PLATE, respectively. 

PA Turnpike Commission for E-ZPass Customer Service Center

300 East Park Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Phone: 1.877.PENNPASS (1.877.736.6727), 

CSC Fax: 717.565.4311
Accounting Fax: 717.565.4313

PA Turnpike Commission for TOLL BY PLATE:

300 East Park Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Phone: 1.877.PENNPASS (1.877.736.6727)
Fax: 717.565.4312

Final Words 

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that those customers who have enabled TOLL BY PLATE will pay from the cash rates. To avail of the discounted rates, one can quickly open an E-ZPass account. 

Each customer can complete their invoice due within 20 days, i.e., before their second invoice is issued. If there remains an unpaid invoice, the following invoice will have the charges of $5 or 1.5% of the total amount pending. If not cleared even when the second notice is sent, Pending fees will be notified to the collections agency. While one may insist that this fee doesn’t make any sense, it is important to cover the administrative costs.

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