Panda Express Feedback – Get A Free Meal @

Panda Express is a Topclass Gourment Chinese Food Restaurant in the whole US. After the company got established in 1983 it had grown in a massive way forming a huge chain of Restaurants all over US Puerto Rico provinces in about 1500 locations. Nowadays it is so easy to find a PandaExpress outlet almost anywhere including a shopping mall, campus, or theme park. The company is serving Chinese signature dishes which are so varied in taste and sound like Beijing Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, and Mandarin Chicken.

Panda Express Feedback - Get A Free Meal @

With this much difference in the food menu, it is a Himalayan task to have a hold on the tastebuds of Westerners. It is with their ingenious way of the customer satisfaction survey, they know what exactly does the US appetite want. Panda Express has the customer’s preference as the utmost important thing.

Only from the satisfied existing and happy and loyal customer, they can build more new customers. Knowing this, Panda Express gives loyal customers a chance to win attractive prizes by answering simple questions regarding their Panda Express Experience. They take into scrutiny even the customer’s response about the time taken for food delivery to every other minute detail.

Requirements for Panda Express Survey

Here are the requirements you should meet if you want to take part in the Panda Express Survey.

  1. A valid and recent receipt from your previous purchase from Panda Express.
  2. A PC/MAC or Tablet/Laptop or Mobile device with a reliable internet connection

Panda Express Survey: Steps

The survey process is very simple. It will require only very little time and effort. The browser you are using should be able to access the website.

  • Visit the official survey page of Panda Express:
  • For beginning the Survey you should enter the store number/ restaurant number.
  • The next step is to select the location of the restaurant you have visited most recently.
  • Input the order number which could be found on the cash receipt. It could be found under the date of your purchase.
  • Choose the way you ordered your meal.
  • Panda Express Feedback - Get A Free Meal @
  • Now you can Attend the Panda Express Questionnaire
  • Click submit and you will be taken over to another page to Sign up for the exclusive an offer.
  • Enter your email address along with your area ZIP code.
  • Get the validation code that will appear on the screen and write it down on the receipt.
  • Present this receipt to the waiter on your next visit to claim the prize.

Panda Express: Customer Support

For the ease of the customer, the Panda Express had made different ways to attend the survey. This includes,

  1. Thorugh toll-free number.
  2. Call 1 800 877 8988to get a quick response from the Panda Express Customer Service team. Remember to call them in business hours.
  3. By mail
    Your comment, complaint or question could be asked through mail. Here is the address to:
    Panda Guest Relations, PO Box. 1159 Rosemead, California 91770.
  4. Social Media
    By following the Panda Express on Social Media you can get support from the company.

Have you been to the Panda Express Restaurant? Let us know your experience in the comments.


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