Pakistan bowler Hasan Ali will marry Shamia Arzoo on the 20th of August

There is an everlasting tension between Pakistan and India. Moreover, the tension between the two neighboring countries is never-ending. On the other hand, when it comes to the favorite game of both the nations, cricket, the match between India and Pakistan feels like war. Once a great man said love doesn’t have any boundaries, and this is true in the case of Shamia Arzoo and Hasan Ali.

The world has already seen the perfect couple, namely Zaheer Abbas and Sania Mirza, they are from Pakistan and India, respectively. People are going to witness a love and marriage union between Pakistan and India, again.

Hasan Ali finally breaks the silence concerning his speculated marriage

Hasan-Ali shamia arzoo

Hasan Ali said that the families are trying to keep the marriage low-profile. According to sources, Hasan Ali is soon going to marry the woman of his dreams Shamia Arzoo.

Ali is a popular pacer who represents the Pakistani cricket team. On the other hand, Shamia Arzoo is a reputed flight engineer, and she works alongside the Emirates Airline. The family members of Shamia live in New Delhi, India. Hasan finally opens up about his marriage to Shamia, and this ends all the speculations of his marriage.

Shamia and Hasan are getting married on August

According to Hasan, their marriage is going to take place on the 20th of August 2019. Additionally, their Rukhsati will commence three months after their wedding. Hasan also said that the couple is planning to reside in Gujranwala once they get married.

According to sources, Shamia is an aeronautical engineer, and she accumulated her degree from Manav Rachna University. The sources also said that Shamia spent some time in England to garner education. Hasan said that the marriage might be low-profile, but they will marry in style. During their marriage ceremony, Hasan said that he would wear a red and black sherwani whereas Shamia will sport a traditional India marriage attire.

Hasan becomes the fourth cricketer from Pakistan to marry an Indian girl after Mohsin Khan, Zaheer Abbas, and Shoaib Malik.

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