Pailwaan / Pehlwan Day 3 Collection – Bailwaan 3rd Day Box Office Collections

Kiccha Sudeep’s Pailwaan has reached the weekend phase. Many of the box office experts have predicted the film’s collections will drop in all other industries. That has certainly become a reality. But the story is different in Kannada.

The film refused to slow down in Karnataka. The Kannada version has collected massive numbers on day 3. Being the only film in Kannada right, Pailwaan is right now ruling the box office.

Pailwan / Pehlwaan Day 3 Collection

Pailwaan Day 3 Box Office

In Karnataka, the film has full theaters all over. Fans of Sudeep are extremely happy with the outcome and that resulted in more audience rushing into the theatres on Friday and Saturday. You can see the effect of the positive talk in the film’s day 2 and day 3 collections.

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However, the story is not the same in other industries. Big releases from other industries have deviated the audience. The dubbed versions that are released in these industries such as Telugu and Hindi didn’t manage to do well.

Pailwaan Day 3 Box Office Collections Worldwide – All Languages

Kannada: On day 3, Pailwaan is estimated to have collected 10 crores in Kannada alone. Kiccha Sudeep has literally set the box office on fire in Karnataka.

Telugu: In Telugu States, the film is estimated to have collected 0.7 crores. As mentioned in our previous article, this is due to the release of Nani’s Gang Leader.

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Hindi: The Hindi version is estimated to have grossed 2 crores. On its first day and second day, the film has collected 4 crores and 3 crores respectively.

Tamil & Malayalam: In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the film is estimated to collected 1.3 Cr. There are no big releases this week so the film’s collections have increased.

Day 1 Estimated BoxOffice Collections: 18 Crores Gross
Day 2 Estimated BoxOffice Collections: 15 Crores Gross
Day 3 Estimated BoxOffice Collections: 14 Crores Gross

Note: These are just early estimates. Data is gathered from multiple sources. We cannot guarantee you that the numbers are accurate.

Though the collections from other industries have significantly dropped, rightly so, the movie is single-handedly ruling the box office in Karnataka with the Kannada version. Massive positive response right from day one is the reason behind this.

Those are the numbers. What do you think? How much will the film collect in the first week? and in its total lifetime? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates on Pailwaan collections.


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