Outer Banks Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Official Trailer and Episodes

‘Outer Banks’ was one of those shows that clouds an entire season in an enigma and yet manage to keep its fans intrigued enough to cling on. The Netflix series that its first premiere on April 15, 2020, has lots of exciting news awaiting its fans regarding season 2.

Set in a coastal town of the same name, ‘Outer banks’ revolves around a mysterious treasure tied to a missing man. A group of teenagers determined to find the missing man encounter a series of obstacles while also being chased by rich and dangerous men.

The last episode of ‘Outer Banks’ season 1 ends with a glimpse of the couple surviving from a shipwreck; fans have been calling out for a confirmation on the second season. Luckily for fans, Netflix has dropped a new trailer for ‘Outer Banks’ season 2 with lots of hidden information.

Outer Banks season 2

Outer Banks Season 2: Renewal

Following the first season’s success, Netflix announced that it would renew ‘Outer Banks’ for the second season in July 2020. And it had taken Netflix almost an entire year before they revealed the release date for ‘Outer Banks’ season 2.

Outer Banks Season 2: Release Date

Netflix dropped a bomb of a trailer for ‘Outer Banks’ season 2 on June 9, revealing the release date. Netflix has given ‘Outer Banks’ season 2 the official release date of July 30.

Outer Banks Season 2: Trailer

For those who still haven’t watched the official trailer for ‘Outer Banks’ season 2, do check it out as it contains some veiled content.

Outer Banks Season 2: Episodes

The first season of ‘Outer Banks’ had ten episodes with 50 minutes each. Following the same trend, ‘Outer Banks’ season 2 should feature the same ten episodes with an approximate run time of 45 to 50 minutes each.


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