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Operation Gold Fish is the adaptation of real-life incidents. The initial trailers of the film revealed that in the extensive Telugu cinema, none of the films has a narration such as this.

The film features Aadi, Nithya Naresh, Sasha Chettri, Karthik Raju, Abburi Ravi, Krishnudu, Manoj Nandam and Nooka Raju in prominent roles. The film also showcases struggles which the Pandits of Kashmir faced as the world transcended to the 90s.

Name Of The MovieOperation Gold Fish
Star CastAadi, Sasha Chettri, Anish Kuruvilla, Manoj Nandam
Movie GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorAdivi Sai Kiran
Music DirectorSricharan Pakala
DOPJaipal Reddy
ProducerPrathibha Adavi , Katta Ashish Reddy , Keshav Uma Swaroop, Padmanabha Reddy, Garry BH, Satsh Degala
Production CompanyVinayakudu Talkies
Movie Runtime2 hrs 07 mins
Censor CategoryU/A
Releasing on18 Oct, 2019

The film will reveal some of the dark times that a small proportion of the population in Kashmir faced. The film will showcase the period where the militants would give final warnings or ultimatums to Pandits.

Operation Gold Fish will showcase the phase when the pandits were asked to convert their religion to Islam because only then can they survive. The pandits were asked to leave their homes in Kashmir as they would be shot to death if they stayed in Kashmir.

The narration of the story with such a tragic past has not been a piece of cake for the director of the film. The film has been shot exclusively in Delhi, Kashmir, Ramoji Film City, and Araku. To make the film a delightful story for the audience, the director met the family members of Kashmiri Pandits and this is why the authenticity of the plot of the film speaks for itself.

By the looks of it, Aadi is portraying the role of NSG Commander whereas the notable Telugu writer, Abburi Ravi portrays the role of a terrorist. The film has the release date of 18th of October 2019, it will be great to see if the general Telugu audience accepts the national tragedy with open arms.

The narrative of the film is new, the camera sequence is up to the mark. Sai Kiran Adivi’s patriotic premise which foretells the story regarding the backdrop of the Pandits in Kashmir and their struggle for survival is top-notch.

Operation Gold Fish Movie Review

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Rating: 3/5

In case you didn’t check out the Trailer of the movie, you can watch it here

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