Online Math Curriculum Choices You Need to Consider

Selecting the right math curriculum for your kid can be hard given the multiple choices available. It can even be daunting when your kid reaches higher grade levels. Fortunately, you have at your disposal great online math courses to decrease the seemingly daunting task. 

Developing a strong math foundation early helps students have a thorough understanding of the basic math concepts. The knowledge sets the stage for understanding complex topics. 

Online Math Curriculum Choices You Need to Consider

Spirit of Math

A good math curriculum teaches more than simple arithmetic. It helps students learn fundamental math concepts like math facts covering both scope and sequence. Spirit of Math curriculum offers a comprehensive math program that meets various state standards. 

You can check out this Spirit of Math invite to the Ontario math curriculum aimed at parents with kids heading to grade 1. It is among the private tutoring companies operating in Ontario. The platform is an innovative leader catering to after-school math education. 

To produce leaders of tomorrow, Spirit of Math provides a curriculum that focuses on advanced problem-solving techniques. According to CNN, Ontario upgraded its curriculum to teach first graders financial literacy to prepare them for future jobs.

Beast Academy 

This is a comic-based math curriculum that caters to kids between 8 and 13 years. It helps students to start developing their problem-solving skills through rigorous math lessons using comic-book style characters. It is available in online and book format. 

IXL Math

Provides math online courses for preschool kids up to Calculus. The online platform categorizes the comprehensive skills into categories for each grade. After joining, a student can access topics at different levels when they subscribe to the monthly fee. 


It is a flexible, research-based online curriculum catering to grades 3 to 12. It can be accessed from almost anywhere provided the student has access to the internet. The platform provides a family discount in the case of multiple students.

UnLock Math  

The platform is designed to decrease the anxiety and stress most students face with math. It is an online math curriculum that employs videos to entertain, engage, and explain to children. This approach keeps them alert and active when learning. 

It provides unlimited practice material to high school students allowing them to understand math concepts fully.  


Another online, video-based math curriculum offers more than 1,400 math tutorials. It even provides optional printable worksheets making the curriculum ideal for all learning styles. 

Importance of Math 

Math affects various skills and abilities used daily. So, having a strong understanding of math concepts helps develop analytical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving, among others. 

Besides, maths lets students think outside the box that can benefit them in academic and as professionals. What’s more, having a poor math foundation can result in math anxiety because of a lack of confidence. 


Finding an online math curriculum that meets the state requirements is not easy. Some of the programs may not be as fun or engaging, while others lack detailed explanations. Check out Spirit of Math for these features and much more. 

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