Online Gambling Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Gambling, in one form or another, has been around since the dawn of civilisation, and it has long since been a popular hobby or pastime for people. However, thanks to the advancements in technology, businesses have been forced to embrace new avenues – like online gambling – in order to continue to captivate and hold their audience’s interest. The question is: where is online gambling headed in the next year? Keep reading to find out more about the latest trends to watch out for.

Cryptocurrency & Gambling

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new concept; however, traditionally, all one could really do with it once they had it was either to hold it or sell it. Ultimately its uses were limited. However, this year a few online casinos decided to start to play around with the idea of cryptocurrency gambling to give their players more options and provide cryptocurrency investors with more outlets.

Obviously, the use of fiat currencies in online gambling is still often the default because fiat currencies are more widely used. However, the adoption of cryptocurrencies when it comes to online gambling is set to become more common in the new year. It helps to eliminate wait times for players when withdrawing their winnings as well as minimising processing fees, all of which is advantageous for the players.

Mobile Optimisation for Online Casinos

When online casinos were first invented, the internet could only be accessed via desktop computers. This is not the case anymore; however, a lot of online casinos appear to be relics of this age, meaning that they can still only really be accessed via a desktop. More and more casinos are embracing the new technological age.

This means that, slowly, they are all making the shift towards optimising their sites for mobile access. Some are choosing to forgo this completely in favour of developing and releasing mobile apps. Making this shift is set to make things a whole lot easier on seasoned and new players. Most casual players would prefer to do so via their phones. In 2023, arguably, older sites are likely to die out simply because they can’t keep up.

In-Play Betting & Live Casino Games

One of the newer forms of betting to emerge that is likely to grow in popularity in the next year is that of live betting or in-play betting. Both are within the same sort of vein. Firstly, live casino games are pretty self-explanatory. You can play the games in real-time via the computer delivering an authentic experience without the need to leave the house at all. has a list of the best live casinos to choose from.

In-play betting is relatively similar. Traditionally, bets had to be placed before the game or match was played. While bettors could make an educated guess as to the likely result, they had to place their bets without getting any feel for the game. This is all set to change with the emergence of in-play betting. It allows you to place bets on the match as it is happening, which means that you can make a more educated choice when placing the bet on the likelihood of the outcome.

VR & Gambling

Truthfully, virtual reality is still in its infancy as technology goes, but it seems to naturally go with gambling – and gaming as a whole. A lot of customers want the casino experience without leaving their home. This is why live casino games have become more popular over the last few years. Now, VR technology allows players to gamble at home whilst feeling like they are in the casino.

The VR technology is often a headset that would then provide users with a more immersive experience when gambling. In the next few years, the use of VR in a gambling setting is likely to become more widespread as the technology becomes more accessible to users. Players will truly feel like they are sitting at the poker table when playing.

Esports & Increased Betting Opportunities

Esports has only recently started to gain traction, with international tournaments now being held dedicated to certain videogames. As the Esports realm gets bigger, it won’t be long before bookmakers take advantage of this new competitive sphere. It does provide a myriad of new opportunities where betting is concerned.

Interested punters will soon be able to back players and bet on the outcomes of tournaments and matches. Some Esports tournaments sell out stadiums, and they have the benefit of an inbuilt audience in those that are already fans of the games. It is unclear what forms these bets might take, but this is likely to unfold over the next year.

Online Versions of Slots

Slot machines are, by far, one of the most popular casino games of all time. Until recently, slot machines were only available in traditional casinos. In recent years there has been a clear interest in the reinvention or rebooting of classic games, and this has permeated all aspects of the gaming industry. This is likely the cause behind the reimagining of slot games in the digital space.

Obviously, they are not quite the same as the traditional versions, but they are still interactive, and this is enough for most fans. They tend to have typical elements of slots while also offering bonus content or additional levels in order to pique the player’s interest.

Final Thoughts

Technology continues to advance and, with it, revolutionise the way in which certain industries operate. The advancements themselves are hard to predict, and, in that respect, there is no telling where online gambling could end up in the future. The list above is obviously a best guess for the next year, but beyond that, it is somewhat mysterious. One thing is certain, wherever it goes, it is going to be centred around providing the best experience for players. Truthfully, players today are geared towards instant gratification, and their attention spans are often shorter, which is why the gaming industry, as a whole, has had to work harder to develop new concepts that can hold their attention.

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