OnePlus Smart TVs Are Coming | Announcement, Release Date

OnePlus is up to something highly ambitious. It has already released hints of its intentions to Step in the smart TV market. It is seen as a challenging task for the company considering the competition the company will have to face from the already established giants of the industry.

OnePlus Smart TVs Are Coming | Announcement, Release Date

The official announcement regarding the entrance in the Smart TVs

Company CEO Pete Lau declared in September last year that the company is quite serious in entering the Smart TV segment, and they will launch the first fleet of TVs by the end of 2019.

Since then the company has managed to keep the details to themselves, there’s absolutely nothing in the gossip stories about the upcoming project of OnePlus.

What to expect from 4K Smart TV.

Expectations are obvious to be on a high, given the buzz that has been around quite for a while now. The BIS certification documents revealed that OnePlus has used panels from TV Display Technologies to enhance the viewings experience, and take the picture quality to another level. This feature is expected in at least one of their Smart Tv which can be their most premium model.

OnePlus Smart TVs Are Coming | Announcement, Release Date

The Supporting documents from the BIS certification also revealed that the company will be using the latest version of Bluetooth that is Bluetooth 5.0.

Other expected features

If we go as per the promise of CEO Pete Lau, we can expect these features to begive best incorporated in the upcoming range of TVs. These features are 4K HDR support, an Android OS, and premium design coupled with software enhancements to the possible viewing experience.

Expected roll-out date.

These series are expected to come by the end of this September. However, there is no official announcement from the company regarding the launch date. One can expect these smart TV’s to be out somewhere between 25th to 30th September. There are speculations that it will be out on the 26th of September, but we cannot confirm anything as yet.

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