Once people lived here – now the places are forgotten beauties

in Krefeld, near Düsseldorf, Germany-based photographer Sven Fennema has a penchant for abandoned places. For years, he dedicates himself to the camera places where once people were home, but from which you have retired years ago or decades back. In 2010, his image appeared “different worlds – the Aesthetics of destruction”. Later Tales of Yesteryear” and “Nostalgia “followed” with recordings from a world of disintegration.

There are pictures of forgotten and repressed spaces that are left on for a long time himself, and of a morbid Aesthetics are marked. To find this place, there is a need for extensive Research. Because before Fennema sets out on his photo expeditions, he studied extensively in archives and searches with the help of satellite images according to the still undiscovered objects.

Fennema finds his motifs in Italy

“most of all, I travel to Italy. There are a lot of old, beautiful and fascinating buildings and the respect and integrity is especially pronounced here,” he said in an Interview. Even as a child he was fascinated by industrial ruins of the Ruhr, in which he went on voyages of discovery.

“In buildings where many people see only the decay and sadness, I find a kind of beauty,” says Fennema. With a tripod and digital camera, he captures this beauty. In all of his shots, he dispensed with artificial lighting or the use of flash light.

In his book “Neuland – conquests of nature,” which appeared in the publishing house frederking & Thaler, is Fennema as a worker in several ways: between reality and dream world, between the present and the past. His photography not only documents, it also stimulates your imagination. Anyone who has lived here once, why the place was abandoned, what dramas have played?

image band “Nostalgia”

pictures of the beguiling beauty of decay

Just because on his recordings of any of the missing people, they offer infinite space for stories. When scrolling in “new territory” for the viewer a different sense of time, a visual slowing down. “It is as if you are shielded from the fast and frantic world,” writes Fennema, “and what is the nature of their part back to Robert.”

For the protection of the ruined building before the vandalism, the image waive the legends in the book to specific locations. On the following page of the photo gallery we show some of his footage from “uncharted territory”.

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