Noel Sean to leave Bigg Boss Telugu 4 due to health issues: here’s what happened, more details

After Gangavva’s elimination, Noel will be the next person to leave the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 show in the middle of the show. Here, clearly, Noel is walking out on his own decision as he is not eliminated. So the reason for Noel to get out of the show is due to his ill health. Take a look below for more details and how people reacted when they came to know about this news.

The channel which will telecast the show has confirmed the news by releasing the promo where noel was seen in tears and feeling emotional along with the co housemates as he has to walk out, unfortunately. Take a look below for that promo.

Recently, Noel has already skipped the Bigg Boss daycare task due to health issues. He reported to Bigg boss regarding his problem and he was asked to take rest by Big boss as the doctor will visit him soon. But things got worst soon, as it made him step out of the show. It is reported that, now, noel need to be hospitalized for better treatment.

Apart from Noel, there are six other contestants who are officially nominated for elimination this week. However, their elimination does not have any link with Noel’s eviction.

check the official announcement from the makers of the show here

Before Noel, Gangavva had to quit the house after staying for five weeks. it is known that even Ganagavva had health issues while staying in the house along with her missing hometown and people. This year, it is not at all an easy season for contestants due to tough situations. The contestants have to tough it out to stay strong and win the title of the show.

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