NHTSA to released $562 million for US Highways’ Safety Efforts

With the greater number of cars and automobiles traversing the busy streets, there comes another threat – the accidents related to it. According to the World Health Organization, 1.35 million people die each year due to road traffic accidents. Thirty to fifty million more suffer non-fatal injuries, many of which cause permanent physical disabilities.

Victims are not just ordinary people. It can include celebrities like Paul Walker, Princess Diana, and James Dean. One of the recent fatalities is social media star Sonika Kethavath, who succumbed to injuries from a bike accident.

Raising Awareness Through Developing Programs

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) believes that road safety is a shared responsibility between the government and its people. Thus, they continue to make efforts to promote road safety. Just recently, NHTSA announced the release of cash grants amounting to $562 million to support programs of all Offices of Highway Safety in the USA’s fifty states. This extends to US territories, the District of Columbia, and the US Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In view of Section 405 of the National Priority Incentive Programs, additional grants can be used to keep US highways safer. Some of these can be impaired driving countermeasures and prevention, the establishment of state traffic information systems for building databases related to crashes, as well as motorcyclists’, bicyclists’, and pedestrians’ safety programs.

Promote Road Safety As A Whole Social Responsibility 

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao believes that this move will help save people’s lives as it can address road safety-related concerns and support traffic safety campaigns. It will then promote safety not only among trucks’ and cars’ passengers but also among pedestrians and bicyclists. The Injury Facts of the National Safety Council reveals that in 2018, there are over 7,000 fatal road accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. The figure does not include such accidents causing injuries on people due to someone’s negligence. But whether the victims are pedestrians or passengers, Lopez Law states that these people have the right for just compensation.

Campaigns in Driver’s Education 

NHTSA will allot grants to all activities related to highway safety in the country. This can be used in the establishment of high-visibility enforcement campaigns and road signs. The funds can be utilized for public information and educational campaigns related to road safety such as causes of road accidents, statistics, speed limits, traffic laws and the enforcement of such laws. Programs can also be launched to promote the proper use of seatbelts when driving, proper use and installation of child safety seats, road safety tips, car safety accessories, and gadgets.

The top ten states to receive the highest NHTSA grants ranging from almost $14 million to $50 million are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, and New Jersey.

Road safety should be a joint effort between the government and its citizens. With the proper information and precautions, road accidents can be preventable. We never know when accidents can happen, so it’s always better to be safe.

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