Netflix’s ‘You’ Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Recap | Everything You Need To Know

You Season 2 was able to captivate and entertain fans across the globe with its unique premise and unreasonable killing. In the second season, the lead character of the series, Joe portrayed by Penn Badgley showcased how easy it is for him to pick the women who he would later kill if his wish wouldn’t be fulfilled. The picking of women is really terrible.

The stalker, serial killer, is quite insane and has crossed limits to the point of no return. In season 2, Joe killed Candace as she disapproved of being with him. In addition to this, Beck also fell out of love and cheated on Joe and she had to lose her life as well.

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On the other hand, there is one other character, namely Love Quinn who is in love with Joe unconditionally and she also kills people to please Joe; however, Joe calls her insane and doesn’t accept her as her soulmate. How Ironic!!

Joe is currently trying to work things out with Love because she is carrying his child.

What is going to happen next in the series?

The way things have concluded in the second season, the audience will be seeing Quinn for a long time. There is a chance that the viewers would also witness the birth of Quinn and Joe newborn baby.

It also seems like Joe has found his new target, he is eyeing his neighbor. If the viewers have seen the climax with utter concentration then the enigmatic woman has a wedding ring. Will Joe be able to get away with murder again? Only time will tell.

When will the third season of You feature on Netflix?

If the previous schedules of the show are taken into consideration, then the third season of You will premiere during Christmas 2020.

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