“Élite” Season 8: Release Date, Cast, News, and More on Netflix

Release Date of ‘Élite’ Season 8

Netflix’s teen drama series ‘Élite’ has been renewed for an eighth and final season, much to the excitement of its fans. The announcement was made on October 20, 2023, just two days before the release of the seventh season.

According to the provided search results, filming for the eighth season started in August 2023 and is currently set to finish in December 2023. However, the release date for the final season has not been officially announced yet. The show’s final season may come out as soon as April 2024, depending on how long post-production takes.

With the previous seasons of ‘Élite’ releasing in October, the eighth season may follow the same trend. However, as the show is currently in its post-production phase, the release date is subject to change.

Fans of the show can expect the eighth season to tie up all the loose ends and provide a satisfying conclusion to the storylines of their favorite characters. The final season will also feature returning cast members, including Mina El Hammani as fan favorite Nadia Shanaa.

Overall, the release date for the eighth and final season of ‘Élite’ is yet to be confirmed, but fans can expect it to be released in 2024.

The Cast of ‘Élite’ Season 8

As the final season of ‘Élite’ approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite cast members and the introduction of new faces. Here’s what we know about the cast of ‘Élite’ Season 8.

Returning Cast Members

One original cast member who has been confirmed to return is Mina el Hammani, who played Nadia Shanaa in seasons 1-4. Nadia is the sister of Omar, and her return is sure to be a welcome addition to the final season.

Other returning cast members include Ari, Ane Rot, Nuno Gallego, Valentina Zenere, Carmen, Omar Ayuso, Las Encinas, Omar, Maribel, Ander Puig, Carmen Arrufat, André Lamoglia, and Anitta. Fans can expect to see these familiar faces in the final season, along with some exciting new additions.

New Faces in Season 8

One of the new faces joining the cast of ‘Élite’ Season 8 is Ivan, played by Isadora. Ivan is described as a “charming and ambitious” student who will shake things up at Las Encinas.

Another new addition is Ana Bokesa, who will play Álex Pastrana. Not much is known about this character yet, but fans are excited to see what role she will play in the final season.

Other new cast members include Fernando Líndez, Gleb Abrosimov, Nadia Shanaa, Emilia, Chloe, Dalmar, Iván Mendes, Maribel Verdú, and Alejandro Albarracín. With such a diverse and talented cast, ‘Élite’ Season 8 is sure to be a thrilling and unforgettable conclusion to the series.

Overall, fans of ‘Élite’ can expect to see a mix of familiar faces and exciting new talent in the final season. With such a talented cast and crew, it’s sure to be a fitting end to one of Netflix’s most beloved shows.

About ‘Élite’ Season 8

‘Élite’ is a Spanish teen drama series that follows the lives of working-class students who enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain. The show has gained a massive following since its debut in 2018 and has been praised for its intriguing plotlines, diverse cast, and excellent performances.

The eighth season of ‘Élite’ is highly anticipated by fans, as it is expected to be the final season of the series. Although an official release date has not been announced, filming for the season began in August 2023 and is expected to wrap up in December 2023.

Based on previous release patterns, it is likely that the new season will be released on Netflix in 2024. However, this is subject to change depending on the length of post-production.

Fans of the show can expect more drama, mystery, and high school shenanigans in the final season of ‘Élite’. The show has become known for its intense plot twists and shocking revelations, and it is expected that the final season will not disappoint in this regard.

Overall, ‘Élite’ has become a beloved Spanish series that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. The final season is sure to be a bittersweet conclusion to the show, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

Behind the Scenes

Production Details

“Élite” is a Spanish-language teen drama series created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona. The show premiered on Netflix in 2018 and has been a huge hit since then. The show is produced by Zeta Audiovisual and has been praised for its storytelling, acting, and direction. The show has been renewed for an eighth and final season.

Carlos Montero, the co-creator of “Élite,” has expressed his gratitude for the incredible years and the opportunity to work with talented actors and directors. Álvaro de Juana serves as the producer of the show. Jota Linares and Elena Trapé are among the directors of the show.

"Élite" Season 8

Filming and Post-production

Filming for “Élite” season 8 started in August 2023 and is currently set to finish in December 2023. Given that filming for “Élite” season 7 ended in March 2023 and the season came out in October 2023, the show’s final season may come out as soon as April 2024. It all depends on how long post-production takes.

The post-production of the show is expected to take several months. The editing, sound mixing, and visual effects will be done during this time. The final product will be a polished version of the show that will be ready for release on Netflix.

Overall, the production of “Élite” season 8 has been a massive undertaking. The show has been a cultural phenomenon and has captivated audiences around the world. The final season promises to be an epic conclusion to the series, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

What Happened in Season 7

In Season 7 of “Élite,” viewers saw the aftermath of the events that unfolded in the previous season. Nadia and Ari’s relationship was put to the test as they navigated their way through their struggles. Meanwhile, the students of Las Encinas were still reeling from the murder and subsequent suicide of Polo.

The season also introduced a new character named Yeray, who quickly became a love interest for Carla. However, his true intentions were called into question as he tried to take over her family’s business.

As the season progressed, tensions continued to rise between the students and their families, culminating in a dramatic screen test where secrets were revealed and alliances were tested.

Overall, Season 7 of “Élite” was filled with intrigue and drama as the characters navigated their way through their personal and professional lives.

News and Updates

Press Conference

At a press conference held on October 18, 2023, the cast and crew of Élite season 8 revealed some exciting news about the upcoming season. The show’s final season will consist of eight episodes, and filming began on August 7, 2023, with an expected wrap date of December 2023. The show’s creators promised that the final season would be full of surprises and would answer all of the fans’ burning questions.

Social Media Buzz

Fans of Élite have taken to social media to express their excitement for the upcoming season. Many are sad to see the show come to an end but are eager to see how the story will wrap up. Twitter has been buzzing with speculation about what will happen in season 8, with many fans hoping for a satisfying conclusion to their favorite characters’ storylines.

Variety has reported that Élite season 8 will be the final season of the popular Spanish drama. The show has been a hit with audiences around the world and has been praised for its diverse cast and compelling storylines. Fans can expect to see all of their favorite characters return for the final season, including Mina El Hammani as Nadia Shanaa.

In conclusion, fans of Élite can look forward to an exciting final season full of surprises and answers to their burning questions. The show’s creators and cast have promised a satisfying conclusion to the beloved series, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until the release of season 8.


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