Netflix ‘You’ Season 2 : Release Date, Story, Case And Everything You Need To Know

Penn Badgley fans found themselves watching the 32-year-old actor a little differently after watching the ten episodes of the Netflix series, YOU.

In the psychological thriller, which appeared on the broadcast service last December after originally broadcasting in Lifetime in early 2018, Badgley played Joe Goldberg, an anti-social bookshop manager with a dark side.

Netflix's You

And when I say that Joe has a “dark side,” I am seriously underestimating him; the protagonist (which is both the great evil of history) goes through the entire arc of the 10-episode story stalking the graduate student Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and murders all those who try to stand between them. In the final episode of the first season, Joe ends up turning against Beck herself, pulling her out when she realizes she finally sees him for what he is: a violent sociopath. Obviously.

Fortunately for us, Netflix has seen our tweets and heard our pleas, and the second season of IT will arrive on December 26, 2019. That means there will surely be a more conflicting internal dialogue about Joe’s worship (“Yes, it’s psychotic, but look how much he loves her! “) as well as screams of pain on the screen of his TV / computer (” WHY DOES NOBODY IN THIS SHOW CLOSE THE BLIND IN HIS APARTMENTS? “) and honestly? I am equally excited and terrified to my core. After the ride on a roller coaster last year, where else can Netflix’s twisted thriller take us? How much more can Joe go for love?

Only time will tell. Until then, here is everything we know about the second season of YOU so far.

Preview and Release Date.

All my Christmas has come at once. The second season will arrive on December 26, 2019, according to an Instagram published by the official YOU account.

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