Netflix Original Series ‘Away’ – Plot, Cast, Release Date

Away is Netflix’s Original forthcoming drama series which stars P.S. Love You actress, Hillary Swank. The creator of Away is Andrew Hinderaker. Hillary Swank is going to be the lead actor in the series alongside Josh Charles.

The development of the series began on the 10th of June 2018. Back then, Netflix got the chance of producing the first season of the series. Moreover, Away would feature ten episodes. There is a highly likely chance that Away will become a famous series after its eminent yet unknown date of release.

Netflix adds five new actors to Away Cast

Recently, Netflix announced that Love Simon, and Annabelle: Creation’s Talitha Bateman; and Altered Carbon’s Ato Essandoh are the new cast members of the series. The streaming giant also said that Mark Ivanir (from Barry), Ray Panthaki (Marcell), and Vivian Wu (Rúyì Zhuàn) are the three additional cast members of the series.

Netflix Original Series 'Away' - Plot, Cast, Release Date

Talitha Bateman will portray the role of teenage daughter Alexis Logan, whereas Essandoh will portray the role of Kwesi. Moreover, Mark Ivanir, Ray Panthaki, and Vivian Wu will portray the characters Misha, Ram, and Yu respectively in the forthcoming series Away.

Plot and Release date of Away

Away is loosely inspired by Chris Jones’ article, Esquire which came into being in 2014. Away revolves around the life of an astronaut, Emma Green played by Hillary Swank. The astronaut has to leave her teenage daughter and husband behind to become a captain of a space shuttle. Emma and her crew members will embark on the year-long and treacherous journey into deep space. The series would personify humanity, hope, and an interdependent relationship to survive the impossible things in deep space.

articleGiven that Netflix revealed the cast members of Away. The streaming giant is yet to announce the release date of the series. On the other hand, it is essential to note that the series is currently under development. Netflix is yet also to release the trailer of the forthcoming space adventure.

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