Netflix Is Growing By Killing It’s Original Acclaimed Series | The OA, Tuca & Bertie

During its inception, it felt like Netflix is recreating how the television industry works by embarking on bold and strange projects. Some of the most groundbreaking original series from Netflix is What/If, The Order and BoJack Horseman. During that phase, many creators came forward to feature their concept on the streaming platform. Recently Netflix canceled acclaimed TV Series such as The OA and Tuca & Bertie.

Moreover, this made Netflix the first-ever streaming platform to showcase a wide array of original series. Over time, even the most creative and bold network have to follow conventional ways to survive in the long run. By the looks of it, this is what Netflix is doing in 2019.

Netflix is changing its fundamental principles

Currently, the streaming giant has stopped adopting unorthodox ways to garner popularity among the viewers. On the other hand, for the very first time in almost a decade, Netflix lost a massive number of subscribers in the US. With a petty move, Netflix blamed that the showrunners are lagging in releasing their work substantially.

Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix even acknowledged that it was Stranger Things that brought the glory to the network once again with its third season. The television industry experts are suggesting that Netflix is giving very little space to the creators to prove their work. Furthermore, this is the reason why many series are going through cancellation, lately. However, Netflix is still keeping popular TV Series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and The Office. Mostly because as people are fond of the series and they randomly choose episodes to kill their time.

Netflix Is Growing By Killing It's Original Acclaimed Series | The OA, Tuca & Bertie

TV Series that Netflix has canceled so far

Netflix Is Growing By Killing It's Original Acclaimed Series | The OA, Tuca & Bertie

Netflix has canceled some of the best original series over the years such as Everything Sucks, Seven Seconds, Girlboss, Hemlock Grove, Lady Dynamite, and The Get Down. The showrunners do not have access to how much ratings and views are the series getting as it happens with Conventional Neilsen ratings.Netflix almost keeps the showrunners and producers in the dark while canceling the series. Netflix also canceled Series The OA and Tuca & Bertie as mentioned earlier.

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