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Looking to send someone an email but don’t know their address? We are here to help! You have figured out everything – you know which person to contact, you have finalized your pitch, and you know how to get the other person to listen, but the only thing stopping you is that you don’t know their email address.

That can be a big bummer. You can turn to Google to look up their email ID, but those leads turn out dead ends. Finding someone’s virtual inbox will only consume your time and energy, and you will probably have no outcomes. Instead, you need an email search tool that can help you find anyone’s virtual inbox address in seconds.

This article will dive deep into the best email finders on the market and other methods you can use to look up someone’s virtual inbox. Keep on reading!

What Are Some Best Email Search Tools?

Here are some of the best email finders you can try out:

1. is a great website that can quickly help you find anyone’s virtual inbox address. First, you have to provide the website with a company domain name. Then, the platform will immediately reveal all the public addresses associated with that domain name. The website allows you to search for 25 domains every month without any cost. However, if you want more email IDs, you can purchase their plans which start at $49 per month.

2. Clearbit

Clearbit Connect is another great email finder that can reveal anyone’s email address in seconds. All you have to do is download their Chrome extension, provide the website with the company name and the name of the person whose email you are looking for, and the tool will quickly find you that virtual inbox. The website has proved to be 97% accurate, and the best part is that once you find the email ID, you can click on it, and the page will redirect you to the “compose an email” page. To know their pricing, you first have to try out their demo; but they mostly aim for volume, so it’s an enterprise option.

3. SellHack

If you are looking for an affordable tool to look through publicly accessible databases to find valid email IDs, look no further than SellHack. It is a great browser extension that lets you search up to 100 email IDs monthly for only $3. Isn’t that great? If you want more email addresses, you can go for their other plan, which lets you search up to 1,000 email IDs in a month for $30.

4. SignalHire

SignalHire email finder is another fantastic tool you can try out if you hunt for email IDs. It is a handy website that allows you to find up-to-date professional email IDs without hassle. The tool lets you find five email IDs for free per month, but if you want to find more email IDs, you can avail of any of the plans, starting at $39 per month (when billed annually). The best part about the tool is that it lets you find phone numbers and use reverse search techniques to know more about your prospect.

5. Find that

Find that is an easy tool to use to help anyone search for professional email IDs. The best part about this finder is that it has a wide range of plans, ensuring its packages fit every budget. You can go for their free program, which lets you search up to 50 email IDs, or go for their team plan, which enables you and your business team to search up to 6000 virtual inbox addresses in a month for only $149.

What Are The Other Ways You Can Look Up Someone’s Email Address?

We have listed some email finder tools you can try out if you are searching for email IDs. First, let’s discuss the different methods you can try manually.

1. Check Out Contact & About Us Pages

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is right before us, but we overlook it. For example, if you are looking for a company email ID, the best thing to do is go to their About Us page, where the company might have listed their email ID as contact information. However, finding these pages can be tricky since different companies have the same page with other names. Hence, try finding variations like Contact, About, Meet the team, Our team, etc.

2. Use Twitter

Yes, that’s right. You can use Twitter to look for someone’s email ID. Sometimes, companies list their virtual inbox addresses on their Twitter pages, either on their bio or on some tweets. But, the catch here is that instead of using “@” or. “, they use “at” or “dot” to avoid bots. The good news is that using the Twitter advanced search tool, you can search for the exact thing you are looking for. Try searching for words like “email,” “reach” or “contact,” and chances are you will unearth the virtual inbox address you are hunting for

3. Use Google

You can use Google’s search engine to find the virtual inbox address you are looking for. However, this method can take up a lot of time since looking up something on Google can yield thousands of irrelevant results. Besides, simply searching for someone’s name won’t help either since many people can have the same name. If your prospect has a unique name, this trick might work; otherwise, you must be a little more specific.

If your prospect has a common name, you need to input some modifier along with their name. For instance, you can try searching for [name] + email (or) address. You can try searching for [name] + contact information. If you know where your prospect lives or which company they are in, it’s all the better since you can use that to search up their email ID. Try [name] + “home town” and “company they work for.” This isn’t the most accurate method, but it can still work.

4. Use Linkedin

You can use LinkedIn to find the email ID of your prospect. Connect with their LinkedIn profile and tap on Contact Info; you might find their email ID listed there. Also, try looking at the About section of your prospect’s profile or exporting your LinkedIn Connections. Lastly, you can try using the LinkedIn search extension of SignalHire.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right virtual inbox address is of utmost importance. When sending an essential email, you must ensure it reaches the right person. In this day and age of so many ambitious professionals, getting heard and taken seriously is becoming difficult. Having the right recipient see your message increases your chances of receiving the desired response. So, making an effort to discover someone’s virtual inbox address is completely worthwhile. This is particularly true if you try to contact someone you have never met.

By using the above techniques, be it using a tool or doing it manually, you can find your prospect’s email ID quickly.

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