NBA Star Trade Rumours: Lillard to Lakers? Lowry to Whoever he wants?

As is the scenario with almost every single professional sport in the world, as the season comes to an end, the trade rumours start to become rather prevalent and continue to make an appearance in the latest headlines for many sports outlets.

Of course, the NBA is no different to any other sport on the planet, with trade rumours already running rife despite the fact that the NBA Finals is yet to actually take place. Of course, the event is a huge favourite for those who continue to look for NBA and basketball betting opportunities, as it will allow fans to try and select who they think will win the outright competition; the Phoenix Suns being a strong favourite.

NBA Star Trade Rumours: Lillard to Lakers? Lowry to Whoever he wants?

Nonetheless, there is still plenty to get excited about for many of those fans who may have been disappointed with what they saw from their favourite NBA franchise throughout the 20/21 Championships and Regular Season games.

Indeed, trade rumour season is here and there are a number of potential blockbuster trades already being speculated about. Here are just some of those that will likely cause headlines if they were to happen in the off-season:

Ben Simmons – from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Minnesota Timberwolves

Ben Simmons would have to be considered one of the most-watched stories in the off-season this summer as there are doubts about what his franchise will look to do with him. They could look to try and keep him as their key man, but after a poor showing in the Eastern Conference finals against the Atlanta Hawks – where he did not even attempt to make a shot between Games 4 and 7 – the 76ers could look to trade him.

The Timberwolves are thought to be incredibly interested in acquiring Simmons, with the franchise ‘badly’ wanting him.

Damian Lillard – from the Portland Blazers to the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers or Miami Heat

Damian Lillard is a star player for the Blazers, which is why franchises such as the Lakers, the Clippers and Heat are all said to be keen. Lillard could make the possibility of a trade happening easy, as well, as it is thought he is keen to move on as the relationship between him and Portland is rather fragile.

There are suggestions he could give the Blazers another chance, but if he does make himself available, then he will be the player everyone will want.

Kyle Kuzma – from Los Angeles Lakers to Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings or Oklahoma City Thunder

The LA Lakers were poor in the 20/21 NBA season and failed to provide a strong challenge to retain their crown from last season, thus leading to the franchise being in a state of flux and one that is in dire need of a rebuild.

Kyle Kuzma is one player that could be used in a trade situation with a number of teams, such as the Detroit Pistons, the Sacramento Kings or Oklahoma City Thunder this summer, as they each have players Los Angeles could make use of, whilst unloading a player that did not quite have a stellar year.

Kyle Lowry – from Toronto Raptors to Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers

A number of the franchises that could be interested in Kyle Lowry have already been mentioned in other possible trade scenarios, but if the Toronto Raptors’ point guard became available, then there will certainly be a clamour for him in the off-season.

The 35-year-old has been in Toronto for nine years and has gone on to be named a six-time All-Star due to his performances for the Canadian team. During his time in Toronto, he helped the team win the NBA Championships as recently as 2019, which is why so many teams could be interested in acquiring him.

He enters the off-season as an unrestricted free agent, which means he is free to sign with any team he wishes, but the Raptors may look to try and re-sign him and keep him or look to try and trade him to a team before losing out on him completely. Indeed, due to this status, Lowry could potentially have the whole of the NBA to choose from because of the experience he has and can provide other franchises.

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