Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Finally Hits The Screens After Repeated Delays

The release date of Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam was shifted more than 7 times due to some unfortunate reasons. The film was first expected to release in January this year and due to various circumstances, it is releasing today.

Another reason behind the postponement of the release is a person named Balaji Kumar has sent a legal notice to the makers of Kolaiyuthir Kaalam as they took the title of the book written by Sujatha for which Balaji Kumar has already brought the rights.

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Released

After this, the makers have confirmed that the film is not based on the book. However, the director had to pay 10 lakh rupees to keep the tittle Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. After this, the film also went through many other issues which are not disclosed.

As mentioned above, the first release date of the movie was in January but it was postponed due to various reasons. And the release date was then changed to February and then May. This time the change was due to the lawsuit against the film. After overcoming the trouble the filmmakers settled for a date in June. That didn’t happen either.

After a thorough discussion, the date was finalized to July 26. Then the date was changed to August 1 and then to August 2. Only after all this, the date was fixed to today August 9th.

At some point, the film was set to clash with Jackpot starring Jyotika as the lead on August 1. Although, while the Jackpot released on August 2, Kolaiyuthir Kaalam got delayed. It would have been interesting to see how the films would have done considering that both actresses have a huge cult following in south India.

The release for today was also in confusion due to the late publishing of the release details on the online ticket booking platforms. All these problems have affected the opening of the movie. It will be interesting to see how the film will do in the long run.


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